Tuesday, July 27, 2010


GCB. Nope I'm not cursing and this isn't a new bad word. Though it does look as if it is a short form for a Chinese bad word if you don't already know that it's the new burger by McDonalds.

If I were to write an angry blog post and put GCB! at the end of a sentence, you would really think that its a bad word right? LOL
For example,

Yesterday, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla! GCB! Sigh, after that, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla ....bla bla bla bla bla bla !?!?!?! GCB!!!

hahaha. LameIknow.

Well anyway, back to the burger.....
This is how it looks like in its box..

The thing I'm confused about this burger is its name....thing is, a couple of months back, I saw the banner for this burger in one Mcd...and at that time, the banner said it was "Gourmet Chicken Burger". But now, I can't see the word "Gourmet" anywhere and apparently their having a contest to "Name the 'G' "
Some said that its called a "Grilled Chicken Burger".
Maybe the name "Gourmet Chicken Burger" was just for testing.
I don't care about the name as much as the taste though...

Click here to find out more about the contest!

And well if you haven't tried it yet, please go do so coz its for a limited time only and it tastes GOOD! not great but capital lettered GOOD! hahhaa..means its almost great. :P

But don't take my word for it though coz u might think it tastes GREAT...like they say, "deliciousness is in the tongue of the beholder"...wait..they don't? =D

Its Rm8.00 for burger only and Rm11.90 for the medium set = burger+drink+fries.
(of course, the price mentioned here doesn't include Gov tax)

Oh and you know what??
I found a company that actually trades these burgers..


Okie dokie...Don't forget to try the burger!!!! =D


Saturday, July 17, 2010

LRT Super Stars

Has it become a trend lately to sing out loud in the train?? Do all music talent scouts look for talent in trains nowadays?? heehee

I'm saying this cos a few weeks back this African guy was singing a NeYo song in the train and he sounded like a tone deaf Akon....it was probably cos he had earphones plugged in his ears!!! He probably can sing really well without the earphones...

Then a few days back....there was this guy standing in the train. He was wearing earphones too. This one was even more funny.....I couldn't make out what song he was singing until he got to the chorus: "Oh oh oh oh oh oh OMG" (Usher's OMG) hhahhaaha. He was singing in a kinda whispering voice which was something like Smeagol/Gollum from Lord of The Rings saying, "Precioussssss.."

Well anyway, he was quite entertaining cos he looked like he was acting out his own Music Video with the use of the 'tiangs" in the train.

I couldn't help but notice that people in the train were holding back their smiles.

"Singing and dancing releases stress"

Don't you think we need more people like this to entertain us??
The world is too stressed up!! Governments should employ some of these people to reduce everyone's morning tension of going to work...

I don't mean to be mean but I'm just sayin'....teehee

Oh and PS:

Hey, if you're one of those people who burst out loud in song and dance at public places...why not sing without the earphones?? I think you would sound much better.. And if I see you, I promise I'll clap my hands when you're done!!! =D



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Teacher, teacher....

Last Saturday, I was asked to stand in for a tuition class at this place I used to teach in. I was to take the class with kids aged around 5-7 years old. I agreed since I had no plans for that day.

One thing I realised after was that I didn't even own a red pen anymore!! And to think that i used to have 2 or 3 in my pencil box.....

Well, anyway, i was expecting to see some familiar faces when I went there on Saturday since I've not taught there for more than half a year.

The first familiar face I saw was a little boy named Eugene(He was one of my students in 2009).He's eight years old if I'm not mistaken and he was such a darling!! When he saw me, he was like, "Ay, Teacher Evie!". So i said, "Hello Eugene,how are you?" Then he said, "I'm fine! Teacher, why you so long didn't come here already wan?? You very busy ar??"

Then after that, I bumped into a few more of my ex-students and this boy was like, "Teacher Evie!!! why you so long didn't come???" and he started telling his friends excited and all, "Teacher Evie hui lai liao! Teacher Evie hui lai liao!!" (it means Teacher Evie has come back)

Hahaha. Such diamonds!!!

I didn't really expect such a response from those who recognize me cos after all, their just kids!! I kinda expected them to be all shy and all that and only say hi when I say hi...

Maybe I was thinking how kids during MY time would've reacted...I guess times have changed and....and.....children are more outspoken?? LOL

Well anyway, I had to teach some new students and there was this little girl who was only 5 years old. SHE WAS SOO SOOOO CUTE!!! I kinda curi-curi took a picture of her but in the picture you can't exactly see her face so no identities have been revealed!!! LOL

Isn't she a cutie?? No??

In this picture, she was kneeling on the chair actually.....Not only does she look cute, her personality was cute too. Very loveable kid!!

So anyway, it was nice to teach that day after about half a year of not teaching ....it made me look back to the time when I used to teach every Saturday....=D

Oh and ya,

The kids that said hi when they saw me??? Those were the ones that I used to punish the most cos they were tooo tooooo naughty in class. :DD

Kkkk tatata!!!
Over and out!!