Sunday, December 26, 2010

Was it a sign that the world is coming to an end??

It's been a long long time since I had a weird dream..usually, I can't remember what I dream of even right after I wake up...but this dream I had two days ago..I still remember all the details.

It went like this...

I was walking to the bus stop as usual to go to college but this time, there were many people I don't quite know who were walking with me. One in particular was a lady carrying her baby in a sarung strung over her shoulder the traditional way..

While we were walking, I noticed that the moon was clearly visible in the bright sky. I told her about it, and as we were admiring the round moon, a rare scene during day time, the moon was becoming bigger and bigger!!

It wasn't that the moon was growing but seemed more like it was getting closer!

Suddenly (you know how in dreams the scene suddenly changes), I was at the laundry area at home..I was with my family and at that time, the sky was becoming darker. The moon was now very very large to the extent that you could actually see the texture of the surface of the moon.

The Moon was really bright and that was when it all dawned on the world coming to an end this way??
In the dream, I wasn't feeling fear but more of curious anticipation with a dash of confused uncertainty of what would happen when the moon suddenly crashed into earth.

When the moon got too too close, there was a really big GUSH from the impact of probably the Moon and Earth colliding and suddenly we all lost control of balance and everyone started floating! (there was no fire or explosion or any physical damage from the collision) We weren't completely floating was as if the Earth had lost half of its gravity(if that's possible. But anything's possible in dreams right?)

 I remember thinking, the earth has no more gravity..its like space now..but wait, we can't breath in space! Then I remember the feeling of breathing in the half-gravity air. It was very cool but it was like breathing only half the amount of oxygen we usually do.. The feeling was kinda like being underwater.

I remember that one of my cousin's fainted and I had to drag him to the living room. My whole family was there and suddenly, the air suddenly switched to a super cool minty like fresh air. The view outside the windows were all trees with really green leaves.

At that time, my thoughts were, maybe Earth's condition is being reset to perfect condition to give mankind a  second chance at taking care of Earth.

hmm.weird huh? I still remember the feeling in the dream... Any other dream, I would have forgotten the moment I opened my eyes or remember it for awhile, try to remember it longer and completely forget a little while later.

Maybe it's a sign!  =O


Ps. Better start recycling more.
Pps. oooh ooh...i just remember..i had another world coming to an end dream not to long ago..but this one's much more pleasant. :)