Friday, March 12, 2010

Rainbow Waterfall at Sungai Lembing!

Last Saturday, 6/3/10, I went to Sungai Lembing in Pahang with my family.
We went there last year on CNY to see the sunrise,Add Image

This year, we went to see ze

Yah, waterfall with a rainbow smack right in front of it. =)
There were 18 of us so we took 4 cars..

car 1

car 2

car 3

car 4

We rented a house that cud fit all of us. There were 6 rooms in the hse and 3 bathrooms.

The ceiling was reaaalllly low.

Look mum! I'm tall enough to touch an air-cond! hehehe

Anyone wanna shower together? lol

When we were having dinner there on Sat night, tiba-tiba a giant frog appeared. Cudn't get a photo in time so this is the only one i got. :(

All us ppl looked like a bunch of jakuns who never saw a frog b4. heehee

The next morning, we had to wake up at 5am, leave the hse by 5.45am to hv breakfast and start our bumpy journey into the jungle.

When i say 'bumpy', I MEAN BUMPY!

We rented a Hilux and a lorry so some of us went on the lorry and some the Hilux.

I was on the lorry.

Seriously, us jakuns who've never been on the back of the lorry b4, at times sounded like we were on a roller coaster when the lorry went up or downhill. hahahaha.

I would say that most of us wudn't deny that it was a good experience on the back of a lorry even though I felt like my ribs have changed position. :/

Everyone was happee..
see what i mean? lol

man clearing the path for the lorry.

We were so loud an kept making jokes even the driver was laughing at us. lol

So after about an hour of bone rearangment, we gathered to take group photo b4 we started the 'walk' (more like climbing and balancing on rocks than walk) into the forest.

The first obstacle was the river =_=
Not yet even start walking the shoes have to get wet already. :'(

It twas suuupeerrr sliperrry.

After about an hour of climbing, balancing and dodging a giant worm,

giant worm

Then came,

isn't it beautipul??

I tell you, its all worth the journey there to see this wonderpul creation of mother nature.

Its too wonderful.

this pic would look much better if i wasn't tryin to find the camera man. lol

5 monkeys climbed up the waterfall.

Time passed too too fast and it was time to go back out of the jungle.
Most of us just walked out with wet clothes.

When we reached the first river we crossed, the driver was not there yet so we had to wait for him.

Some of us hid in the shade,

Some of us took pictures,

aiyerr, why i look like so 'cho lo' wan?? :s

Some of us cooled down in the river,


The hour ride back on the lorry was not so fun anymore coz everyone was tired and it was veerrry sunny.
We were practically drying under the sun like dried salted fish.

We went back to the house, took a shower, some took a nap, and headed back home.

Everyone should visit the Sungai Lembing rainbow waterfall at least once in their life but
after effect???


Woot! First post!

Hello, name's Evie. This is me first post on this bloggie.
Not very much of a blogger but i'll try my best to update! heehee.