Saturday, April 24, 2010

Autumn's Concerto! aka Next Stop, Happiness(下一站,幸福)


But before i go any further...Autumn's Concerto is a Taiwanese drama by Vaness Wu and Ady An. So actually, the reason I so wanted to watch this drama was cos I heard the O-So-Wonderpul punya OST by singer Ding Dang on the TV(song name:I love him我爱他). Their showing it on Tv now but I dunno which channel.:)

The reason why I'm so happy is cos the site I found is actually a fan sub website. It means that they help put English subtitles to each episode..wooooo...gembiranya...
If you don't already know...I'm a 'banana' atau juga dikenali sebagai OCBC(Orang Cina Bukan Cina). Which means that my Chinese is very limited(its getting better though). This means that when I watch a Chinese drama, I only understand what is said half the time..and lebih teruk when the Taiwanese dramas start to speak in Hokkien in some scenes. When this happens..question marks hover above my head and my eyes search frantically at the Chinese subtitles below for the very limited Chinese characters I can read.

But fear no more!!! hahaha..I found this wonderful site!!! its called

This is a screenshot of the website..

I actually found this site from youtube cos they put their subbed videos there too..So I'll watch it on YOUTUBE! (I just wanted to feature their website in this blog cos I feel so thankful to them)(heart) =D

I'm not actually a drama addict though...cos I've only ever finished watching very few dramas in my life...(I have what I call, selective temporary drama addiction)...So these are the very few lucky ones I've watched (including one Anime):

It started with a kiss

Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile(the only Anime I've actually finished watching)

And now halfway watching:

Fated to Love You

You know, watching this drama is taking up alot of my time needed to practice piano, to do assignments, AND sleeping time..I'm currently retiring from this drama for a few days..yea seriously I have to force myself...LOL But I will DEFINITELY finish watching it.

Right now, I have to get to work with my assignments...
oh and ya! I think I'm gonna try to learn how to play the OST for Autumn's Concerto on piano!

Will let you guys know when I really do and have a video of it!

After I watch Autumn's Concerto, I'll def review it here!!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Cute Grannies

I was in the bus today on the way home and two old ladies sat behind me. One was Chinese and the other Indian.

As I felt, they're Hi-Bye friends that met on the bus cos they live near each other.

They both work as house cleaners. Their convo went something like that:

CG = Chinese Granny
IG = Indian Granny

IG : Sikarang you masi ada cuci rumah ka??

CG : Ada! U?

IG : Ada tapi saya sikarang cuci dua hari, tiga hari tada keja. I duduk dalam rumah
tada apa mau buat oh. Sikarang u cuci mana rumah?

CG : I cuci semua orang Jepun orang Putih mia. Dia orang lebih baik o. Tada fussy
sangat. Saya tak suka cuci orang Cina mia rumah. Kalau ada orang cari orang
cuci you mau keja kah?

IG : Mau! Apa orang pun boleh tapi saya tak mau orng India! Teruk o. You cuci orang
Jepun mia rumah you cakap orang putih ar?

CG : Ya, orang putih mia rumah pun I cakap orang putih.

IG : Wah u tau cakap a?

CG : Tau! Sikit sikit la.

IG : Very good!

Hahaha.. the reason I found this conversation cute was that the Chinese lady doesn't like working for Chinese employers and the Indian lady doesn't like working for Indian employers. HAHAHAH

The way they talked and their voices were cute tooo...:D

Their conversation didn't end there though...i lost interest after awhile..
boy these two can really talk! They talked till the cows came home and the mosquitoes went to sleep.. hahaha that's over exaggerating.

Actually with the right company i can talk on and on and on and on too...:D


Today, somebody said to me the most hurtful thing I've heard in a long time. It was a really good friend of mine. I'm not gonna say what she said cos actually she's quite poor in expressing herself in words and i would say that her way of thinking is sometimes childish too so she probably didn't mean it as much as I felt it...AND she seemed oblivious to how I felt at that

But if i say she's childish, does that mean I'm being childish to get hurt with what she said??? I don't know..but maybe i was hurt because she's a really close friend and you get hurt more by people that your close to right? right? I don't know.

The feeling that hit when she said it....I've never felt for so was like someone dropped a rock on my heart and my heart fell close to my stomach... :s Any heavier the rock, my stomach would digest my heart...

Yea, like this.

Today was not a good day at all... :(
I'm trying to 'cancel cancel go away the feeling'.
She really has no clue to what I felt....
No point dwelling over something sad right????
Need to chant...*chants:
I'm too noble to be angry I'm too noble to be angry....
I'm too happy to be sad I'm too happy to be sad....
Everything will be ok....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

1 Malaysia Accident...

Two days ago on tuesday morning, I thought I was gonna be good and left the home a tad earlier to avoid being late for class.

When I almost reached the bus stop, a bus passed right in front of kira I missed the bus..
Then i thought, ok...nvm...i'll wait for the next bus..but whaddya know??? The bus didnt wanna stop for me coz it was too full!! So much for being early..=.=

So I guess it was memang ditakdirkan that i saw a 1 Malaysia accident a few minutes later. hahahaha
It wasnt a bad accident lar (i mean nobody got hurt), I'm not so insensitive to go hahaha at an accident ok??
I was sitting at the bus stop and then suddenly i heard a BANG! and when I looked over, I saw a lorry run over something and I heard a CRAK CRAK CRAK...:S My first thought was...shit pls dont let that be a motorcyclist he just ran over...

But luckily, it wasnt. The lorry kinda hit a red saga head on coz the saga probably made a sudden turn...a lady told me that the lorry hit and dragged the saga backwards a little. And all this happened in front of a primary school near the zebra crossing at a time when everyone was going to school. Lucky lucky lukcy no one was hurt..

The funny thing was, there was a small kancil right behind the lorry and a waja behind the kancil...the kancil didnt even have one scratch but the waja's front lights were smashed...I still wonder how that happened to the

The reason I said this was a 1 Malaysia accident was because the lorry driver was Indian, the Saga a Chinese and the Waja a Malay...when everyone started to get down to check their cars, In my heart I was like...pls pls pleeeease don't fight!!!
wooh, lucky they didnt fight...yea, kemalangan but i keep saying 'lucky'. LOL

The police reached quite fast in fact cos the road was all jammed up cos the lorry was literally sticking to the red saga now... I was like..great.Now I'll be really late..
Oh welll..I'm not one who stresses over a small thing like that anyway...

Oh and when I was sitting at the bus stop, dues to the jam, a lady driving a car accidentally bumped the car in front of her( you know, one of those bumps which wouldnt even cause a scratch?) yea, and this guy wearing a songkok got down of his car and looked at his precious OLD car and started cursing under his would think a man that looked like him with songkok and all would be a very sabar person but obviously no(oh and his wife and kids were in the car too). It wasnt like the lady didn't apologize or fact, even her husband on the passenger side was also apologizing... if I'm not mistaken, the songkok guy muttered 'babi' before getting into his car...

Before he got into his car I was like...dont tell me the big accident over there didn't cause a fight but this one here is gonna cause one. LOL.

Sometimes, I just don't understand why people get so worked up and angry over a small accident. Accident mah, nobody wanted it to happen, so no point getting angry hor??

I'm blabering too much already...hee hee hee.

Anyway, I would just like to thank all those who were involved in that lorry-car accident for dealing with the matter like all civilized people should....


Till next time!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

why Why WHY?!?!

Yesterday was the first day of a new semester in college after an almost month long break. It was the longest break for us cos usually we only have a 2 week break.
The thing was, i thought that class was supposed to start next week so i thought i had 7 more days of free time.. :( well...u know what they say...

Anyway, i did go to college...AND i wasnt late!! hahahahahahaha(new semester resolution) ;D
Lets see....the first day of class after a month was YAWN boring YAWN. The first class was supposed to start at 11am and the lecturer's name was so called 'econs'. Yah! "econs"?!?! i wont believe this until the lecturer him/herself tells us that thats really his or her name. Anyway, it was SUPPOSED to be at 11am but it got postponed to somewhere in the future dunno when.

so we lepak-ed till 1.30 and the second class was...YAWN YAWN YAWN. (i think i had post holiday syndrom). haahahhha

well anyway, i wasnt concentrating as usual and what u expect???first day mah..i'm a bit different, other ppl bersemangat to study, i'm yawning all day long. hahahah
Mr. Lecturer decided to ask us questions at the end of the class.. How wonderful! not.
he let us read a few minutes and started to ask us questions. (i was like, feck it la i wont rmb a crap)
I was quite confident that i wudnt get picked but i was wrong. :(

You see, my friend was having difficulty answering a question she was called for...a kind hearted person behind me whispered the answer to me and so i was whispering it to her and the lecturer said, "Ah...Evie!" crapness. But nermermine la i just said that answer and saved the world. hahhaah . so over. or is it so clever? for being caught. hahahah
well anyway, today was also boring. biasalah studies right....not drama class or something. hahaha.
but hey...i yawned less! thats what i call an improvement!

so anyway during the first class, when i got my notes, i was like...."Oh mummy pls help me!!" STATISTICS?!?!?!? WHYYYYYYYY????? :'( i hate numbers/graphs and stuff like that. i naturally suck at it and what more after one month of minimal brain juice usage?????

Today's lesson was boring though..(it always is isnt it? lol) I as usual could not concentrate and was sms-ing my brother. I did not gain nothing tho cos now i have developed the skill of typing on a phone keypad with two fingers from one hand while pretending to look at the notes and listen to the lecturer PLUS my phone had no light.(need to get it fixed b4 my neck gets stuck at a weird angle while trying to see the screen.)

My brother was gonna take his driving undang test so my first message was actually to wish him good luck. I ended up sms-ing him from when he just left the driving school till until he reached the exam centre... :D

In the second class, the lecturer had no notes to give us at the moment so i couldnt look down and pretend to look at my notes. :( i had to use my natural born talent of gazing into space. hahhaa. i was so un-concentrated (or dis-concentrated?? LOL) today dat for the first class, my friend had to flip the page for me. hahahah other ppl's pages all colourful except mine. :) WHAT??? sometimes hor, evrybody like to simply highlight everything and end up highlighting the whole page. =='

class ended at around 12+, lepaked around and reached home at around 3+ and took a long awaited and dued for AFTERNOON NAP that ended up to be evening nap instead. heheheh. gembiranya.
hmmmph....tomorow will be another wake up b4 the sun comes out day. :(
yawning for tomoro already...:O

but on the bright side...i'll being going to SUNGAI WANG after class tomoro!!! wonder what we gonna have for lunch? :d oh i love you... :) heeheehee.

oh and,
PS: Darling brother of mine passed his test!!! he got the same marks as me for when i took it. =D Panailor!!!