Saturday, January 1, 2011

Handsome 2

Here's another post about pet dog Handsome..
He's a Miniature Schnauzer if you were wondering..

Under the table feeling sleepy

Meaty bar he loves and it smells delish!

 Playing with his toy rope.

Having a hard time trying to get the rope out of the basket

He was having fun when Vivian was pushing him around in this box.

Busy bodying and barking at other dogs

Sitting under my keyboard

Playing with the Gingerbread man-like toy I made out of scarps of cloth.
He loves this toy!
But Vivian loves it too and sometimes she's playing with it, not him. hahaha


This is one of my favourite picture I took of him.



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= )

Double Scare!!

Scare 1

The other day, Handsome (pet dog) gave me a scare! He was walking towards me and I saw some white stuff at his mouth. I thought he was sick and it was froth!!

I quickly lifted his head to see clearly and guess what I found in his mouth?


A small white squeaky cat toy. =.=

Scare 2

One night, I saw Handsome scratching on the sides of his mouth with his left and right paws. 
I just walked passed him and didn't quite bother with what he was doing but a little while later, I still saw him scratching.

I took a closer look to see if something was wrong, and guess what I saw???
A big ass COCKROACH on the bridge (is that what its called?) of his nose!!


I didn't see it at first because it was dark and he has black fur..

It was something like this...


I ran to the living room to tell my family and hopefully someone would be brave enough to remove it and while I was telling my mum, she said, "He's coming".

So i  RAN!!!

It was a bad move cos obviously when a dog sees you run he'll run after you.

But what could I have done? Let him bring the cockroach near me??? I have a fear of cockroaches!

 So I continued running and shouting around the living room and he was barking and chasing me and I was kinda jumping up and down like a gila person and my mum was saying, "It's gone la" but before my frantic self could digest the meaning of those words I was already up standing on a chair. 

Then while I was up on the chair, he was sitting on the floor staring at me.

I felt so geli-fied that even though the cockroach was obviously not on his nose anymore, my paranoid mind can't help thinking, "Is it somewhere else on his body or did he eat it?"

and he must've thought, "What is she doing?? Such a pity she's gone crazy today"

So those were the two scares I had lately..


Goodbye and have a Happy New Year!!! =*