Sunday, December 26, 2010

Was it a sign that the world is coming to an end??

It's been a long long time since I had a weird dream..usually, I can't remember what I dream of even right after I wake up...but this dream I had two days ago..I still remember all the details.

It went like this...

I was walking to the bus stop as usual to go to college but this time, there were many people I don't quite know who were walking with me. One in particular was a lady carrying her baby in a sarung strung over her shoulder the traditional way..

While we were walking, I noticed that the moon was clearly visible in the bright sky. I told her about it, and as we were admiring the round moon, a rare scene during day time, the moon was becoming bigger and bigger!!

It wasn't that the moon was growing but seemed more like it was getting closer!

Suddenly (you know how in dreams the scene suddenly changes), I was at the laundry area at home..I was with my family and at that time, the sky was becoming darker. The moon was now very very large to the extent that you could actually see the texture of the surface of the moon.

The Moon was really bright and that was when it all dawned on the world coming to an end this way??
In the dream, I wasn't feeling fear but more of curious anticipation with a dash of confused uncertainty of what would happen when the moon suddenly crashed into earth.

When the moon got too too close, there was a really big GUSH from the impact of probably the Moon and Earth colliding and suddenly we all lost control of balance and everyone started floating! (there was no fire or explosion or any physical damage from the collision) We weren't completely floating was as if the Earth had lost half of its gravity(if that's possible. But anything's possible in dreams right?)

 I remember thinking, the earth has no more gravity..its like space now..but wait, we can't breath in space! Then I remember the feeling of breathing in the half-gravity air. It was very cool but it was like breathing only half the amount of oxygen we usually do.. The feeling was kinda like being underwater.

I remember that one of my cousin's fainted and I had to drag him to the living room. My whole family was there and suddenly, the air suddenly switched to a super cool minty like fresh air. The view outside the windows were all trees with really green leaves.

At that time, my thoughts were, maybe Earth's condition is being reset to perfect condition to give mankind a  second chance at taking care of Earth.

hmm.weird huh? I still remember the feeling in the dream... Any other dream, I would have forgotten the moment I opened my eyes or remember it for awhile, try to remember it longer and completely forget a little while later.

Maybe it's a sign!  =O


Ps. Better start recycling more.
Pps. oooh ooh...i just remember..i had another world coming to an end dream not to long ago..but this one's much more pleasant. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Going to Mulau Mangkok! =D

Tomorrow is Deepavali!!! Firstly, I would like to wish all who celebrate Deepavali a Happy Deepavali!! and for those who don't, Happy Muruku Eating from your Indian friends!!!

Ok, moving on...

Tomorrow will also be the day I'll be going to Mulau Mangkok!! hahaha It's actually Pulau Pangkor but my grandma calls it Mulau Mangkok.

One thing I expect to see after the trip is, TANNER SKIN!!! I love tan skin!!  I love the sun at the beach!! Yeah its the same sun that annoys me most of the time but you can never have too much sun at the beach!!!

On the downside, I'll only be coming back on Sunday. This means that the pile of assignments waiting to be done will have to wait some more! Gosh, so many things to do!!

How I wish assignments had the magic of Facebook. We always have time for Facebook don't we? and we NEVER have time for assignments!!

Tomorrow we'll have to leave before 6am! This means I'll have to get up when the sky is still dark. :( and we all know how much I 'LOVE' doing that.

So tonight, my job is to fill my phone with songs and SouthPark episodes to help me get through the bus ride.

I'm in such a holiday mood right now, I feel like singing 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' but the problem is, only the first line of the song seems appropriate. I can only sing "all my bags are packed I'm ready to go..." because the only next lines I can remember are "I'm standing here outside your door, already I'm so lonesome I could die" Doesnt sound right cos its so negative!!  PLUS, I'm not even leaving on a Jet Plane....=.=

Even if I was leaving on a jet plane for a holiday, I wouldn't sing this song too. Its only fit for a situation where I "don't know when I'll be back again".. hmmph!

Oh and I just wanna share these photos with yall...

 Keropok cum goggles!!

Keropok cum Poop!!

Okie dokes, enough about that. Gotta go try to do some assignment work!
*chants* do not log in to not log in to not log in to Facebook...*chants*


P/s: Anyone know a suitable song I can hum all night tonight??

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So I was cleaning my grandfather's old desk the other day(I believe that the desk is older than me). As I was clearing the stuff in the drawers, I discovered some really old ancient stuff. They mostly belonged to my late grandfather and I found those things quite interesting!

Some stuff were so old that I think I could sell them to the museum! 

For example,

This old dictionary

Another dictionary

AND another dictionary (or whatever this is)

Dictionary? (hmm..I'm beginning to think that my grandpa loved dictionaries)

An old magnetic Chinese chess set.

Is this the right side up?? hmm

A VERY old letter from China

An unique lock with Tun Abdul Razak.
I find this lock kinda cool. (top picture the lock is opened and bottom is locked)

Really old and dried up shoe polish. (for grey shoes?)

Drebar kereta2 pengangkut barang2. License?
(some of you old enough to know, care to tell me? heehee)

Malayan Driving License. Malayan! When Malaysia was still Malaya! =D

I also found some stuff that brought me down memory lane.....

 Electronic typewriter ink!!
(I remember using the electronic typewriter for some of my school work cos I didn't have a computer back I that old?)

wait...I think this is mine. For the ancient playstation.
(brings me back to Crash Bandicoot days.) =)


And...I saved what I feel is the best item for last,

Grandpa's letter of recommendation letter written on 21st January 1961!

There were actually many more old things but its such a hassle to take pictures with dusty hands so here's just some of them. =)

okie dokies.
tata! =D

Saturday, October 16, 2010

London College of Music - Piano Leisure Play Examination

Hey peepsos!! I'll be taking my LCM exam soon so the other day there was a trial exam. GOSH i was sooo sooo nervous I almost had a nervous breakdown. =S

Videos of all the students who took the trial exam were put up on YouTube. Yay! I get to see what I did cos usually after an exam, I would always try to think and think back on how I played.

Well anyway, it went quite well with some mistakes here and there..teehee
My mum said she could hear me make some obvious mistakes. But I think maybe some mistakes were more obvious to her cos she listens to me play the same 4 songs everyday!! hahahhaah

Ok if you're wondering if I was gonna embed the video  I ain't gonna tell u the link either.
hahahahah Don't want la cos you can hear me talking in the video. Malulah.

However, I will post some still images here of each song I play.

Don't get angry ah, cos....they all look the same!!! hahahahhaaaa

Remember ya, they're pictures not videos so don't go click click clicking on them trying to make them move. =D

Blurified face.

Ballade Pour Adeline by Richard Clayderman

The Shadow of Your Smile

If You're Not The One - Daniel Padangfield Beddingfield. 

Sokoniwa - Agnes Chan

My results for the trial exam?? Distinction!! Woopeee! Happynya. =DDD

Wokie Dwokieess....feeling sleepy now. =O *yawn.

Nitey nites people!!!


oh, ps: Anyone can take up this exam. Yes, anyone!! The only requirement is your interest in music! U can BUANG away the thinking that only people who learned piano since young only can get qualification. U can do it too!!! You just need to be interested and that will drive you to achieve! Go to for more details!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Wow, its been quite long since me last post...I don't know why but I suddenly feel like writing about my bodyguard. heeheehee

nonono...i don't have sooo much money or not that famous to need a bodyguard..

actually my bodyguard isn't even a person...its a woof woof!

yeap, u guessed it(did ya?)...its Handsome!!


well anyway, why do i call him my bodyguard?? cos he practically follows me around the house!!

For example, when i go to the toilet, he sits outside the toilet door no matter how long i take!
When I'm in my room, he sits outside the room door and wait till i come out. Sometimes, I accidentally kick him or step on his foot not realizing he was there.oops

When I take a shower, he'll sometimes wait outside the bathroom door for me!

And the most common thing he does is lying underneath my chair when I'm using the comp. =D

Oh and actually, what made me feel like writing this post was that a moment ago I was wondering where he was and thought that maybe someone had brought him back to his doggy cage for the night and all of a sudden I see him sleeping on the floor right next to me. sweetness.

He's actually snoring right now as I'm writing this. hahahhaa Slacking on the job.
 But afterwork hours already mah right? so not considered slacking lah. heeheehee


Here are some pics of him playing outside...=D

 swing swing

oh wait. this isn't Handsome.

What's the mak cik doing?

This bad habit of his: Wedging himself between the wall and the comp table among the electrical wires. Nanti kena "sot" how? tsk tsk

kk people!! good nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps: Please do not ask me why his name is Handsome. I was not involved in choosing his name. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Movie: Aftershock and Pikachu?

I watched a movie called Aftershock today with my mom cause there were free tickets...the movie turned out better than I had expected coz judging from the ad boards of the movie, I wouldn't have paid to watch it..

You know why? 
When I look at this, 

I think:  low cost production-end of the world-people screaming and running everywhere while this little girl haunts the place-totally expected ending kind of movie.

But the things is, this movie's not that bad. It was a little over two hours and it was actually a really sad and touching story. 

I don't wanna add some spoilers here if you haven't watched it or plan to watch it but in general, it was all the psychological and emotional torture that the characters face that tug at your heartstrings. ='(

 I THINK it was based on a true earthquake that happened in 1976(sorry, too lazy to check) but obviously the story not true la just like Titanic. And, if I'm not mistaken, it was based on a novel(sorry again, I'm too lazy to check.)

If you like sad stories and like to bawl your eyes out at movies, then this one's for you. For the first time, I actually heard men sniffling during a movie!! yes, MEN! (lelaki). hahaha  and also a lady blowing her nose cos she was crying....

And I didn't even find the couple talking behind me irritating cos they were talking about stuff related to the movie and it was as if everyone shared the sorrow of the characters..

One problem though... in one scene which was supposed to be back in year 1976, there was a PIKACHU on a kid's bed. Pikachu? 1976??

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I really don't think Pokemon existed back then...hmmm


okie..that's all! 


Ps: Note to self, do not judge a movie by lol
Pps: China Mandarin is the language of this movie but it's ok, I watched the whole movie with the help of subtitles..


Thursday, September 9, 2010

You've Got Mail!!

Lookie what came in the mail today!! no not e-mail. real mail. hee hee..

It twas a prize from a Galaxie contest I joined for the movie SALT.

According to the letter, its supposed to be a special prize. Doesn't look so special though but WHO'S COMPLAININ??

Its a notebook...
Look at it too much and it'll make u dizzy.... =S
In fact quite special's why...

Can open eyes....

Can close eyes....

Can WINK also!!!! hahahahaha



Ps: Terima Kasiihh Buena Vista Columbia Tristar!!! 

Pps: Don't you think that's a nice name?? Love sayin it!! Buena Vista Columbia Tristar Buena Vista Columbia Tristar Buena Vista Columbia Tristar Buena Vista Columbia Tristar.
Maybe one day I'll name my pet Buena Vista Columbia Tristar!!  Muahahahha.

tata!! =*

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Monday..

This is how my Monday went in monotone....

Everyone went out today, so it was only me and Vivian(my 6 year old niece) at home..

After her non-stop singing, we both fell asleep at around 2.30pm. At around 3pm I woke up because I had music class at 4pm. When I woke up, she was still sleeping so I went to take in the laundry which was already wet by the first round of rain. After I took in the clothes, it rained super heavily so I went to switch off the comp and tv and switched on all the lights in the house cos it got really dark. While doing that, I came across a ginseng lying who would leave their ginseng lying around?? hmm...

Lost Ginseng

I needed to take a shower so I wrote a little note for Vivian and stuck it on the wall in case she wakes up from the loud thunder, and go screaming and crying around the house because I'm nowhere to be found...Actually, I don't even know if she knows how to read it.

Before I went to the bathroom, my aunt calls me on the phone and said that my grandma asked me to make sure her room window is closed..I went to check and called her back because her room door was locked..Grandma then said, "go outside and use a stick to close my window" =.=

I then went to the side alley of the house to close her window in the rain(I didnt use a stick).

I then took a quick shower, went back to my room to find Vivian still sleeping and took the now useless note off the wall.

Got ready to go for class and waited for family to come back..finally my aunt came back at 4 and I reached class at 4.05. Is that even possible? I must've looked at the time wrongly.

Heavy Heavy Rain

Its Raining its Pouring..

The End.


Friday, September 3, 2010

eew! eew! eeeeewww!!!!

I saw the most disgusting thing ever!!!
There was this boy in school uniform(he's not a small kid!!) in the train and he was digging his nose and digging his nose is not the problem here cos people do it in public and all but the disgusting thing was that he was EATING his nose shit!!(is that what you call it?) yea EATING.. oh wait...let me be clearer on this...he was actually LICKING and SUCKING it off his fingers!!!!!!

it was like, dig dig nose, suck suck finger,  dig dig nose, suck suck finger,  dig dig nose, suck suck finger, x100!!!

he wasn't even trying to do it discretely! I don't think he cared if anyone was looking at him cause he did it like it was the normal-est thing to do in the train!!! blegghkkk!!! if he was my son and he did this, I would so smack him on the head...the most disgusting part was when I saw him chewing on something tiny...yea I know...eew.

this reminds me of a disgusting-er thing i saw once...(keep on reading if you don't mind having gross thoughts polluting your mind) heehee

There was this one time where I saw a cobbler digging(yes, also digging) his teeth with his kinda screwdriver/ice-pick tool! ohhhh...wait till u hear what's next...he collected all the ****(i don't now what its called but I think u get me), rolled it with his finger tips and SNIFFED it!! yea, like sniffing pot or something..

He didn't just sniff it to know what it smelled like, he sniffed it cos he liked the smell!!!!! how do I know? cos after he smelled it for sometime, then he'll dig and smell again! bluueeeeghhkkkk!!!!

Sorry if this post made you lose your appetite. I already lost mine by just writing this down.. =S


Friday, August 27, 2010


Handsome had a hair cut and he looks old...hahhaa

Here's how he looked like before the hair cut:  =)
Furry furry like a soft toy. C=

Here are some other random pictures of Handsome!!

Detective, please sniff out the durian stealer!!

Drink water from the durain shell to avoid heatiness!!

I see foooood. 8)


mandi mandi...


Ice ice baby.


say ahhh....




<3 Loves.