Sunday, March 17, 2013

Can't Change Things

There are some things in life you can't change. It's only human nature to question why some things should happen to you. And sometimes you can be too sucked in to these negative thoughts which may overcome you. Before you know it, a tsunami of sad thoughts come into your mind and you find yourself being sad again.

I sometimes question if that happened to bring me good in some way or was it to punish me?
I'm a believer of "everything that happens is good" because I believe that we can derive some good from almost everything that happens. But it is difficult sometimes as I am only human.

What would you do if someone scarred you for life?
What if they said it was unintentional but you found out that they could have prevented it but chose to turn a blind eye instead?

Would you take revenge?
Would you make sure they learned their lesson?
Would you do all you can to make sure they don't ever let others be a victim of your same fate?
Would you just keep on burying yourself in thoughts and wishes of turning back time?

We all know deep inside that some things just cannot be changed and we must move on. But do we really move on when we decide to? CAN we really? YES we CAN but can anything that person EVER do make it up to you?
Can anything they give you actually take your sadness away?
Can a thousand apologies help you forget?
Can you or maybe WILL you ever be the same person before it happened?

You say you can move on. You say it's probably no big deal and you don't care. But somewhere deep inside, you do care! You know it's horrible! You know they have caused you to view the world differently! and the world to view YOU differently! They have let something happen to you that has changed you as a person fprever! They have changed you without your permission!

It's hard. I know. But we should ALWAYS TRY. Try to make the best out of everything. Definitely easier said than done. I'm no fool. But is there a chance of moving on if we don't at least try?

Now the question is. Should you accept their sincere or even insincere apology and move on? They obviously try to make amends for their own selfish reasons but should you bother about their true selfs?
Should you just take it and move on for your own benefit? For your sanity?

An apology is never enough. It can never fix things because sometimes we don't want things fixed. We just want them to never have happened. But no one can really do that can they?

I read a very motivational email today from TUT. It went like this:

It's as if everyone has a built-in, happiness-now button, which can instantly change how they feel, no matter what's going on in their lives. 

But for many, most of the time, they prefer not to push it. 

Go on, push it real good - 
    The Universe

Good thing, huh, since we never could get the do-over button to work.

So we should ALL push our happiness-button now! Because we can never ever 'do things over'.

I hope everyone suffering on the inside gets to push their happiness-now button.
Love you all. :)
Have a good night's sleep world. :)