Monday, June 21, 2010

Sing a song of sixpence..

So I was wondering..... you know how our parents maksudnya the older generation don't get tired of the songs they've been listening to since they were...they were...erm.....since FOREVER???? Not your parents?? well, i'm speaking for the young society at large. ;D

You know, like they never get tired of old music? Like those who refuse to listen to newer music?? Those who stick to evergreen? I wonder...what makes a song evergreen? Can One Republic's Apologize be evergreen??(fyi, many people like that song if you were living in Mars recently)

Its funny cos I'm already kinda sick of listening to some oldies play on the radio and I'm VERY sure that I've listened to it FEWER times compared to dear beloved parent.

Are you and me on the same boat? :D yes? no? maybe?

The thing is...I was wondering...
When my generation grows old and we have children of our own...will our children be saying this about us too?? LOL
Will they say...."Haih, these old people....can't let go of their past. Come on la...I'm so sick of this Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas!!"

And as my imagination wanders even further...I think they might say this too.."You know what???Last time when my parents were young, they had these things called EARPHONES!! Seriously! I've seen pictures of these earphone thingys on the internet and they look sooo funnyy!!! Can u imagine they used to stuff those things in their ears just to listen to music?? We're so lucky we have these state of the art implanted sensors in our brain and we just have to connect them wireless.." =='


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today's Declaration.

Today, I have officially declared that if you don't know this song, you are not Malaysian!

hee hee hee. just kidding la. but seriously, what have you been listening to if you have not heard this song before?!

:D :D :D

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fried Rice, French Fries and Orange Juice???

One day, Charles went to Ah Beng's food stall. This was how their conversation went.

Ah Beng: You want to eat fry lice?

Charles: Oh no no no. Its not 'fry lice'. Lice is kutu. Its rrrrrrrrrrrrr-ice, rice. Not lice.

Ah Beng: Ohhh.ok ok. rrrrrrrrrrrrice. Collect ar?

Charles: Yes yes its rice. Remember ya! Rice, not lice! Oh and it's 'correct', not 'collect'.

Ah Beng: Ohohoho. Corrrrect. Correct ar? Hahahahaa. Solly solly my Engrish no good.

Charles: Yes yes correct. But its not 'solly'. Its 'sorry'. And its English not 'Engrish'. Hehehe.

Ah Beng: Aiyor. Engrish so dipiculd la. Nemermine la. You understand me then enough lor. Haih. Oh ya, jes now I ask you want to eat frrrrrrried rrrrrrrrrrrrice or not. Corrrrrrrrect or not now??? Hee hee hee.

Charles: Hahaha. Yes, yes. I'll have a plate of fried rice, a plate of French fries and a glass of orange juice.

Ah Beng: Ok boss!!

10 minutes later.

Ah Beng: Here boss! Your fly lice, friend flies and orling juud!

...............*Ah Beng realizes his mistakes.

Ah Beng: oops! Haih. Engrish really belly hard la. *shakes head in disappointment

Ps. This blog post was not made to laugh at anyone's Engrish English.

Ten Q 4 reading!!

Tatata! =D

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cool cool cool!!!

You know what?? I won another contest!!! Woooot!!

hehehe. I've been winning many contests lately!! I'm on a winning streak!!! hee hee hee

I should go find a contest that can win me a car. :)

This lady called me today and told me I won the contest for the movie Letters to Juliet.

It's the grand prize but it isn't very grand. Its just a bag but...who's complaining?!?! LoL

I would like to think that it was my slogan that played the bigger role in winning rather than luck. :D

You see, in this contest you have to answer two simple questions and write a slogan. The slogan had to be a letter about love that you would write to Juliet and in less than 50 words.

This is how my prize should look like (I haven't gone to collect it yet):
Yea, not very GRAND for a Grand Prize huh.

So here's the letter I submitted......

Dear Juliet,

I have been in search for that special someone since forever. I have tossed coins into wishing wells and wished upon shooting stars but he never seems to cross my path. Oh Juliet, tell me, is true love just never meant to be for me?

I made that letter up but really hope I won't ever need to resort to 'tossing coins into wishing wells' and 'wishing upon shooting stars'. teehee

That's all for now!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Wall...

Help me.
Help me break this wall.
This wall built with fear. Built with uncertainty. Built with insecurity.
Help me be all that I should be and wash away all that I should not.
Help me feel all that I should feel and say all that I should say.
Help me bring out the best in me.

At a time like this, anyone could Use Somebody.
Don't take too long.

Life. Full off crossroads, full of decisions to be made.
That one call that should have been made. That one minute more that you should have waited. That one upward curve of the lips you should have seen.

Life. Such precise timing. Perfect timing for the good things. It never forgets the bad things.
That one mistake that should have been made that could've fixed things.
That one wrong turning into a path you thought was the wrong way when in fact at the end of the road, you find that you escaped something you didn't want on the other.

The many questions you asked. The many different answers you thought might be right. The many people you've seen. The many people that came and went. The people that made the best things happen.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Feng Shui Showdown!! Part 2

The rules of the game were like this:

1. We cannot secretly or in the open alter the other person's house feng shui and we can only
change the feng shui in our own premises.

2. All activities regarding feng shui must be done within the one week.

3. On the last day of the week, we will employ two renowned feng shui masters in Malaysia to
evaluate our houses to see who has the most good vibes and the person with the most good
vibes will win and the loser will have to foot the bill for employing the masters.

And so our Feng Shui frenzie began....

Day 1

Madam Smelly hung angpao packets with coins in it all over her garden plants and the angpao packets had a "luck" word in chinese on it.

What did i do?

I did some spring cleaning. Actually i don't know shit about feng shui. I just knew dat the colour red is preferred. Thats all I know. So i decided to guess my way through the competition. Its not dat i believe that the physical changes are really gonna bring in luck!
Anyways, It was almost the end of the year and my house looked a mess so I might as well clean my house up, and at the same time it might generate some good 'chi'!.

Day 2

What did she do??

She bought a dozen fat goldfish to add to the other dozen of goldfish she already has to bring in prosperity. Sheesh.

So I had to do something.
What did I do?

I bought a dozen crunchie chocolate bars. WHAT? I didn know what to do wat. Crunchie inside got honeycomb mah. Honeycomb look like gold bar inside wat. haiya. tasty somemore.

Day 3

Wah! You know what she did???? She bought all sorts of little statues and hanging things to decorate her house! Made her house look so UGLY!!!! I practically laughed at her when I saw what she was doing!

What did i do???

I didn do anything.
No. Actually i didn know what to do.
No actually i was too tired laughing at her all day.

Day 4 & Day 5

Whatever she did she did inside. I did not see her for these two days.
I didnt do much either.
Oh and another thing. I had a visitor come to my house. He was a friend of my uncle who is my father's brother in law's friend's grandfather's third wife's ex-boyfriend's brother. He was some sort of feng shui master apparently.

Well, he stepped into my house and said that the house next door's good vibes were overpowering us. He said that we were lucky to have such a neighbour as some of the goodness will come to our house.
he obviously didn't know we were competing!

I couldn't live off her scraps of luck!!!


This was when it dawned on me that this feng shui stuff actually does work.

I did the unthinkable. I went to the extend of painting my house YELLOW!
Yup! yellow. So my house would be 'wong'. hehehe genius eh????


She didn't paint her house in yellow but she painted it red! R-E-D!
She said it would make her house have 'ong' =.='

Darn it. It was the last day of our battle so there was little i could do to win.
I knew I was gonna lose so i prepared to pay for the feng shui master fees. :'-(


When the feng shui masters Miss Lillian Three and Mr Joey Nope came over to examine our houses, they decided to start with Mdm Smelly's.
I was so sure that i was gonna loose that I didnt care if they even came to my house.
Miss Three and Mr Nope were showering Mdm Smelly with so much praises that my face fell another two more feet.

SO when they finally decided to come to my house...........nyehehehehe.......

FIRST, Miss Three said,
WAAHHHH! SO 'WONG' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i became defensive and said,

Then she said,
Nononono. I don't mean it that way. Your house is really 'wong'.

Then Mr Joey Nope said,

Then I said,
Did See Mel Li pay you to say this just to mock me?!?!?!

Well whadyaknow???

They both said,

woohoooo!!!!!! I Immediately did a back flip forward flip double somersaults+triple cart wheels. let out a victorious fart and said to Mdm Smelly, "would you kindly please make the payment to these two wonderful people as they are very busy." :-D

Mdm Smelly immediately pengsan-ed into her goldfish pond.

So i took the chance to take the two masters secretly aside, and said, "tell me. who payed you two to help me? There is no way I could have possibly won this."
they said, " no Miss you won this fair and square. We have never before seen a house like yours. So much luck pouring out from inside that we didn't even need to go into your house to know who would win. I really can't explain why. I think i should go home to read my super thick and dusty 52 inch thick feng shui book to find the answer. Good luck to u. no me. u obviously don't need anymore of it. "

So i bid them farewell and started to wonder myself.......
what could've caused so much good energy from inside???
oh i left the woman soaking in her pond.. Don't worry, she couldn't possibly have drowned. The pond's small and she knows how to swim.

Anyways, when i stepped into the house, I was greeted by all my family members and 88 phones staring at me....


"whats' going on?" "why the feng shui masters said our house so 'wong'? did u guys do something?"

"hee hee hee hee hee hee hee. you owe us." " look at all these phones here. what do they all have in common?"

"er....they all have buttons, 1,2,3,4,5,6..."

"no stupid! look at the screens!"

" see...
Wait for it...
wait for it...

My house SUPER 'WONG' because i had 88 yellow men secretly dancing in my house!!!

MWAHAHAHAHAA! why didn't i think of that????

Now i have to return 88 phones to the 88 Digi subscribers who so kindly lent me their phones....

This story was not based on a true story so if something this absurd ever happened to you in your life I congratulate you but don't sue me cos I don't know you and this was created by imagination. I don't know you. Thank you very much for reading until here.

till next time.