Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: PaperMate Pens

I got picked to review some Paper Mate pens I won in a lucky draw contest thingy so here's my honest review..

but first, let's take a look at all the pens I received! 

They came by courier mail in a bundle like this.
It kinda surprised me cos I didn't expect to receive so many pens...

Here they are all lined up!

They really came at a right time cos I was having my semester final exams...i used them to write my exam notes and to write during the exam.. 

You see, I have habit of just using any pen during an exam...and by "any" pen, I mean looking around the house for stray ownerless pens and kidnapping them to become my exam slave...muahaha! I guess i've never really put any importance in pen brand name..come to think of it, I've never actually bought a pen for God knows HOW long!!

wait... my pens do have brand names, but they're names of companies who don't make pens! beer company, construction company, shopping mall, even funeral home! heheheh I was an ignorant pen user..

Therefore, receiving this bunch of PaperMate pens and using them for my exam this time around was quite an eye opener.. I have entered into the world of good pens! lol..

Here is an example of a free pen I've been using quite awhile:
 Let's just call him Jenama X

So here's what I think about PaperMate pens after using them..

I personally prefer the non-clickety click pens aka the pens wearing a cap..these ones:


Cos when I write with the clicking pens(honestly I don't know what you call them), I find them a little shaky..especially the ones with a fine tip...therefore, I prefer writing with 0.7 and 1.0 tips. But of course, that is only MY preference..I'm sure many people love writing with the Extra Fine Tips.. This just means that PaperMate really caters to the wide needs of pen users.. =)

Nevertheless, they are ALL better to write with than the pens I previously use! Much smoother and I guess more reliable cos they don't suddenly "pretend" to run out of ink when they're actually full of ink and then you'll have to find a nearby piece of paper to be a victim of :

This crime.

I have now realised that writing with a good pen during exam makes your handwriting neater and paper looks clearer and my answers look more confident. I can imagine them screaming to the lecturer, "Hey! You see the neat handwriting with no mistakes?? This means the answers were written in confidence and they're all correct!" Maybe I'll get more A's this time? hehehhe

They're also not like those overly emotional pens who cry out blobs of ink when you make them work for too long..don't you just hate it when that happens? your hands get all dirty with ink!


My hand used to be so tired and my finger would feel sore and grow a blister like bump on the side when I used Jenama X pens..but when I used the PaperMate pens, I didn't experience any of it! 

Therefore, I shall conclude that Ignorance is not bliss. In this case, Ignorance is blisters!
I "InkJoy" writing with PaperMate pens and I'm sure everyone will too.

My unique identifier code is: y7z9a303

Friday, December 16, 2011


Havent been blogging properly in a while so i've decided to do a post on what has been going on lately..

About a month ago, on the 20th Nov 2011, I was admitted into the hospital cos I was having signs of dengue. My lymph node on the back of my back was also VERY swollen...

Then it turns out I was tested negative for dengue, salmonella, typhoid, etc so the doctor diagnosed me with Kikuchi disease. It is a very rare disease but not dangerous. He said that 97% of doctors have never heard of this disease..He said, it's like I kena the Jackpot...haha

My hospital stay wasnt that bad cos I didnt feel really sick when I was put on drips...AND I could see real flamingos by the river from my room window..It was a double bedded room but I had the room to myself which was good...hehe

Anyway, I was discharged on the 3rd day and went for a follow up 1 week later. All in all, I had 8 needle holes in both my hands in less than 12 days.. :(

I took what i thought was my last blood test on the day of follow up but i was wrong. Today, I went to see doctor again because I had terrible sore throat for the last few days and got to know that my Antistreptolysin level form the last blood test was higher than the normal level.

The doc said to take another blood test today to see if it went up cucuk with needle again..

What I understood from his explanation today is that i kena another jackpot. He said that if my  Antistreptolysin level goes very high, it can affect the heart and kidneys..he said that the rise in the  Antistreptolysin level is an immune reaction to Streptococcal sorethroat. This sorethroat is very common but what is uncommon is that only 4% of people will have a rise in their Antistreptolysin level. I kena jackpot again. =_=

My test results come out tomorrow i think. I hope and pray that the level didnt rise, cos if it did, I would have to be on long term oral penicillin to prevent streptococcal sorethroat.

I believe all will be well.. :)

anyway, after the hospital visit today, I brought Vivian to a Christmas celebration with friends at was her first time on the train and EXCITED was she! heheh
She had lotso fun but didnt quite like waiting for the bus on the way back. We waited quite long for the bus and when it came, it was partly full...everyone was crowding to go into the bus and a very nice gentlemen blocked the crowd behind him to let me and Vivian up first..All thanks to him, we both got the LAST two seats in the bus...he had to stand and so I told Vivian that because of that kind man, we got to sit...

i asked her, why not she sit on my lap, and we give one seat to the man...what she replied was very sweet, she said yeah okay, cos he was the one who let us up the bus first..

so i told her to ask the man to sit and the man said "no,no, its okay" I insisted and then he sat and said thank you very much like I was doing him a favour. I thanked him in return for letting us in first and he said "no problem". I believe it was a right thing to do even though it was slightly uncomfortable for a 7 year old to be sitting on your lap but w/o his first gesture of politeness, we would both have had to stand all the way home instead..

you see? There ARE still many good ppl around..

anyway, its getting late, gotta teach tomorrow...


All Is Good!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I won!!!!!!!!

I won 2 preview passes to the big bad wolf book sale!!!! Awesome sh*t!!!!! I feel so so so so blessed! That's cos I joined a few of their contests trying to win passes but didn't and this was the last contest! Not only that but this contests includes a skin food gift set too! So, double yays!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It feels like the Universe planned it for me this win the passes in the last contest so I get something extra too! weeeee......

tata!!! =)

ps. why is it awesome to go to the book sale one day earlier than others? So i get to grab the good books first!! crap. i sound like a nerd. trust me, it isn't how it sounds like.  hahahah

Friday, September 30, 2011

Ladies Fingers

I so need longer fingers!!! Is there such thing as a finger extension??? I need one!
Playing four note chords on my right hand is killing my wrist...ouch... :'( yaya..i need more practice..if lefty can do it, why cant righty?? hehehe

ohhhhhhhhhhh so much to do so little time!!!! this weekend is the craziest! assignment due and exam on Monday and another assignment due on Tuesday. WHY?!!?!?!?!? 

If I have so much things to do, what am I doing here blogging? Well, I need to do this to keep my sanity. You don't see me blogging lately do you? Well if I stop all things to write this post...I must be on the brink of losing it. 

Time.Please.Pause.For.Me.But dont pause me.

Each time I think of all the things I have in line for me to do...I don't feel more

piano.assignments.exams.diaper cakes.piano.assignments.exams.diaper cakes.piano.assignments.exams.diaper cakes.piano.assignments.exams.diaper cakes.piano.assignments.exams.diaper cakes.piano.assignments.exams.diaper cakes.

Gaaaaaaaahhh! Feck it. I'm hungry. What's for dinner?



30 laps and I start to feel it in my arms and legs...hmmm...need more work. =)


Friday, June 10, 2011

Hachiko - The Loyal Dog

Have you heard of Hachiko, the Akita who was so loyal to his owner even after the owner's death?

This is a true stroy. Hachiko, an Akita(a dog breed)  was adopted by a Japanese professor when he was just a little puupy. If I'm not mistaken, he was given the name Hachiko because he was the eighth puppy in the litter and Hachi means Eight in Japanese.

Every morning, Hachiko would send the professor off at the Shibuya train station and he would come back and wait for the professor's return in the evening. People who were frequently at that train station would recognise the professor and his dog who comes to greet him everyday.

One day, the professor died and didn't make it back to the train station. Hachiko waited and never gave up. He waited for the next 9 years (wow). He was given away to different families to be taken care of but he often escaped to wait at the station.  People who knew Hachiko would sometimes give him food and treats.

To know more of this amazing dog, go here:
Or you can just ask Mr Google.

Hollywood made this story into a movie but they changed some things here and there. Its a really touching movie it'll make you  ='(  !! The movie stars the super good looking Richard Gere. heehee
I watched the whole movie on youtube. :)

This is why I love doggies so so much. They give you so much unconditional love!! That's why it is so sad to hear of abandoned family dogs. Its sad to think that the abandoned dogs didn't even know that the family would do such a thing to them because they would never have done that to their families.

Hachiko wasn't abandoned though, he just didn't understand how or why his owner left him.

I hope Hachiko has been reunited with the Professor somewhere up above now....I hope he got his wish...

This is an Akita (not Hachiko)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Exam Exam Green Eggs and Ham..

Todays mid term exam was Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ I could remember all I tried to remember what I should remember. Makes sense?

Unlike the exam yesterday which was like, "sh*t sh*t sh*t, someone give me a keyword!" *digging brain for words* *brain goes blank* *start daydreaming*

arrrghh..the thing was, I couldn't quite understand what I studied for yesterday's subject... and what I don't understand, I DONT REMEMBER!

oh well, its over and done with...time to waste all the time I have before cramming for the next exam at the final minutes.

aah..and one thing I've discovered about me, is that my answer script for exams will be really neat and tidy(reasonably neat and tidy) if I know the answers...and if the answers are purely guessed, my handwriting will just be terrible! Therefore, you should know if I'll do good for that particular exam by just looking at my handwriting.

Kesimpulanya, see good handwriting, no need to mark, just give me an A. *wink wink* hahahaha

okie dokie,
good nite pipol!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh My. =S

Go read THIS ARTICLE I just stumbled upon.

Read it yet???

Isn't it similar to the dream I had recently. No so similar but still! The same concept... =S
Read my dream here.

When I was halfway through the article, I was thinking, OMG don't tell me what I dreamed was come true-able?!

but luckily at the end of the article it said that its all ok...phew.

I didnt actually read the article properly, I might've misunderstood stuff here and there cos I'm so sleepy right now I'm having a headache.


gotta go sleep.

To world peace and a forgiving mother nature on human kind.

G nite pipol.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Handsome doggie has a bloggie!

The title says it all! Go check it out here, or here, or HERE!


Friday, February 11, 2011

The 9th Day of CNY

Its now 1am on the ninth day on CNY 2011. Bright colours are bursting in the sky and it sounds like a war field. Many are ushering in the auspicious 9th day of CNY as usual.Why? Seriously I don't quite know...something about sugar cane and pineapple fields if I'm not mistaken..wait, or is that story for mooncake festival? heheh

anyway, it used to be fun to watch the pretty (and illegal) fireworks on the eve of CNY and the eve of the 9th day...but its not quite fun anymore when you have a little doggie on your lap and you can feel his heart beating and he's breathing heavily because he's afraid of the "boom boom boom!!!"

On the eve of CNY, he was so scared till he ran and hid under a cupboard...he was so reluctant to come out when we called him...
he sat on my lap and buried his head in my arm until about 2am when there were completely no more fireworks.

when I gave him a chewy snack, he even had no mood to eat it...thats the first time he's refused a snack!!!

also, one time during the day, when a neighbour burnt one of those red firecrackers, he was shaking all over from head to toe!

poor thing! as i'm writing this now, he's sitting on my lap and he gets startled when someone starts another series of "bang!"s.

I was actually prepared for this day. that's why i gave him a shower yesterday cos i know he'll need to sit on somebody's lap tonight. heeheehee..

i feel sleepy now but i guess i can only go to sleep when the noise stops..cos i cant bear to leave him alone with all this noise and no i don't sleep with dogs..

hmmm..anyone got any doggie ear muffs they can lend me? =D

anyway, good nite and happy 9th day on CNY!

gong xi fa cai!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Handsome 2

Here's another post about pet dog Handsome..
He's a Miniature Schnauzer if you were wondering..

Under the table feeling sleepy

Meaty bar he loves and it smells delish!

 Playing with his toy rope.

Having a hard time trying to get the rope out of the basket

He was having fun when Vivian was pushing him around in this box.

Busy bodying and barking at other dogs

Sitting under my keyboard

Playing with the Gingerbread man-like toy I made out of scarps of cloth.
He loves this toy!
But Vivian loves it too and sometimes she's playing with it, not him. hahaha


This is one of my favourite picture I took of him.



Ps. Here are my other posts on Handsome -----> this and this

= )

Double Scare!!

Scare 1

The other day, Handsome (pet dog) gave me a scare! He was walking towards me and I saw some white stuff at his mouth. I thought he was sick and it was froth!!

I quickly lifted his head to see clearly and guess what I found in his mouth?


A small white squeaky cat toy. =.=

Scare 2

One night, I saw Handsome scratching on the sides of his mouth with his left and right paws. 
I just walked passed him and didn't quite bother with what he was doing but a little while later, I still saw him scratching.

I took a closer look to see if something was wrong, and guess what I saw???
A big ass COCKROACH on the bridge (is that what its called?) of his nose!!


I didn't see it at first because it was dark and he has black fur..

It was something like this...


I ran to the living room to tell my family and hopefully someone would be brave enough to remove it and while I was telling my mum, she said, "He's coming".

So i  RAN!!!

It was a bad move cos obviously when a dog sees you run he'll run after you.

But what could I have done? Let him bring the cockroach near me??? I have a fear of cockroaches!

 So I continued running and shouting around the living room and he was barking and chasing me and I was kinda jumping up and down like a gila person and my mum was saying, "It's gone la" but before my frantic self could digest the meaning of those words I was already up standing on a chair. 

Then while I was up on the chair, he was sitting on the floor staring at me.

I felt so geli-fied that even though the cockroach was obviously not on his nose anymore, my paranoid mind can't help thinking, "Is it somewhere else on his body or did he eat it?"

and he must've thought, "What is she doing?? Such a pity she's gone crazy today"

So those were the two scares I had lately..


Goodbye and have a Happy New Year!!! =*