Thursday, November 4, 2010

Going to Mulau Mangkok! =D

Tomorrow is Deepavali!!! Firstly, I would like to wish all who celebrate Deepavali a Happy Deepavali!! and for those who don't, Happy Muruku Eating from your Indian friends!!!

Ok, moving on...

Tomorrow will also be the day I'll be going to Mulau Mangkok!! hahaha It's actually Pulau Pangkor but my grandma calls it Mulau Mangkok.

One thing I expect to see after the trip is, TANNER SKIN!!! I love tan skin!!  I love the sun at the beach!! Yeah its the same sun that annoys me most of the time but you can never have too much sun at the beach!!!

On the downside, I'll only be coming back on Sunday. This means that the pile of assignments waiting to be done will have to wait some more! Gosh, so many things to do!!

How I wish assignments had the magic of Facebook. We always have time for Facebook don't we? and we NEVER have time for assignments!!

Tomorrow we'll have to leave before 6am! This means I'll have to get up when the sky is still dark. :( and we all know how much I 'LOVE' doing that.

So tonight, my job is to fill my phone with songs and SouthPark episodes to help me get through the bus ride.

I'm in such a holiday mood right now, I feel like singing 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' but the problem is, only the first line of the song seems appropriate. I can only sing "all my bags are packed I'm ready to go..." because the only next lines I can remember are "I'm standing here outside your door, already I'm so lonesome I could die" Doesnt sound right cos its so negative!!  PLUS, I'm not even leaving on a Jet Plane....=.=

Even if I was leaving on a jet plane for a holiday, I wouldn't sing this song too. Its only fit for a situation where I "don't know when I'll be back again".. hmmph!

Oh and I just wanna share these photos with yall...

 Keropok cum goggles!!

Keropok cum Poop!!

Okie dokes, enough about that. Gotta go try to do some assignment work!
*chants* do not log in to not log in to not log in to Facebook...*chants*


P/s: Anyone know a suitable song I can hum all night tonight??