Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The last days leading to my Final Year Project

After a long long long wait..it was time for us to present our final year project. Yeap a long long wait and yet we have lots to finish up at the last minute..hahaha normal human nature..really if we couldn't complete something in our project because there was "not enough time", we really have only ourselves to blame...
I for one, kept procrastinating and left ALL my project documentation work until it was announced that our presentation would be in two weeks time..even then I doubted that this time it would be real because we had been waiting for quite some time and were told many times that it would be in "two weeks"

I even left all the parts in the project that my academic supervisor told me to improve on until the last week! I was so confident that the documentation would be a piece of cake and I would be able to complete it in 2-3 days tops but I WAS WRONG. The reason I was so sure of myself was because I almost always only took 1 full day in front of the computer to complete my assignments for the past 4 YEARS. But this documentation was no joke. Only when I really started doing it that I realised that I would need much more time than expected.

Besides the documentation, I had the improvements to make in my project remember? So at one point I said to myself, SCREW YOU DOCUMENTATION! Let me work on my project first.

Then there was all this misinformation/miscommunication about needing to hand in the documentation to the panel of lecturers during our presentation and then when some students presented, they didnt ask to see it..I guess I was kinda lucky that I was the LAST in the list to present. Therefore, I had the advantage of an extra 3 days to be mentally prepared for my presentation. It was kind of a blessing but it also had its downside...

My group of friends had presented on the very first day and even though they were super stressed and strapped up for time to complete, they were very relaxed after their presentation which then left me with 3 days of anticipation. I stayed up till 3.30 am the night before my friends' presentation day to provide help and went to college on that day to provide moral and technical support..lol

I kept asking everyone how their presentation was and who they got as their panel of examiners, did they ask many questions?, how long was your presentation?, were the lecturers really scary?, etc..

I heard success stories and then I heard horror stories..It really got to me the day before my presentation. I was so nervous I felt my stomach flipping around..lol The words of encouragement from friends who had done theirs really did help alot..

A dear friend of mine ended her presentation in tears because she lost the completed softcopy of her project cos she didnt have a laptop so she saved it in a pendrive and planned to use my netbook for her presentation. Right before the presentation, she had plugged her pendrive into the college's computer to print the presentation slide handouts and when she plugged it back into my netbook, virus alarms kept popping up and her files were gone. Not all her files were gone..the unimportant stuff were all still there but the stuff she needed were gone. See how fate screws you up sometimes? She thought nothing of it as she had a copy saved in another friend's laptop. So we transferred those files to my netbook and she went straight for her presentation cos she was already late as it was.

We peeped through the door and thought she was doing fine but when she came out, she was in tears. The copy she saved in my friend's laptop which she used for her presentation somehow was the incomplete version of her project. There were parts where she couldn't show and the lecturer didn't quite believe her explanation...poor thing..pity her..but then I believe that everything happens for a reason and sometimes we might not be able to figure out why something happens but in the future, one day we will know. So i hope that this mishap somehow or another will bring good things for my friend in different ways. God works in truly mysterious ways. :)

This post was just describing the experience of the days before MY presentation and hopefully I will write another post to tell you about my final year project presentation experience..

I'm kinda typing all this in the dark now cos there is a baby sleeping next to me and I don't want to switch the lights on which might wake him up cos when he wakes up he won't go back to sleep no matter how hard you try to get him to! He hates sleep! He's a fast charger!  baby baby, you will know how much you love sleep when you're grown up..lol


Ps: ALWAYS ALWAYS double, triple, quadruple a most updated copy of your important project or assignment in different storage methods.
Tip: I always email myself a copy of my assignment just in case all hardware fails me at the most crucial time then I can always download the copy from my email.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Now you know where they got the idea from?

Let me introduce to you a new member of the family...well not so new...in fact, already 7 months old but this is the first time I'm posting bout this little guy on this blog so he's new to the blog...hehehe

His name is Jun Hong and he's my cousin's baby..

This is him playing the piano:
I'd say he's pretty good at playing the piano..hehehe

And here he is being originally cute:
Now you know why they think it's cute and where they got the idea from? ;D

 And hey, you guys ever seen this famous pic of a baby's squeezed face?
Why did I ask? Cozzz....

I have a Jun Hong version!!!


that's all about little Mr Jun Hong in this post...

toodles~ have an awesome day everyone!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Diaper Cakes Promotion!

Hey everyone! Do you know what diaper cakes are? A diaper cake is not actually edible..it is actually many pieces of baby disposable diapers and other baby essentials put together to look like a cake!

What are they for?
Diaper cakes make wonderful gifts for newborn babies/full moon babies or baby showers! They'll most definitely be the center of attention on a gift table and the mummy of the baby will be VERY VERY happy as  all items on a diaper cake can be used for the baby! Especially the diapers inside!

A diaper cake I gave to a dear cousin of mine

Don't you notice that the baby gift hampers you see in departmental stores are only full of unnecessary packaging and card boards? Well NOT a DIAPER CAKE! A diaper cake is filled with useful items and are definitely unique!

By 'unique', we actually mean that no two diapers cakes are ever exactly the same! This means that no one will ever be giving the baby mummy the same gift as yours! Awesome right?? hehe

I have started this hobby/tiny business of mine a little over a year ago and only making/selling them to friends and family. I have decided to make my tiny business a little bigger since I have a little more time in my hands now.

Another diaper cake I've made

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Tata and have an awesome day!

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pps: Let me leave you with a question to ponder: Is anyone you know going to give birth soon? heeheehee

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Mooncake Festival 2012

Hey everyone...it's been a long time since I last blogged...by the way, Happy Mooncake Festival! Did you eat lots of mooncakes this year?

Anyway, I would just like to share this peculiar little food that can only be found during mooncake festival season.

It's this thing here:
Water Caltrop

It's called a water caltrop cos I think it grows underwater..(ask Mr Google for more info..heehee)

To eat it, I think we must boil it to cook it first then use a hammer(Yes, a hammer) to break the shell.
Then, remove the flaky insides and insert into mouth. lol. It's like eating chestnuts plus a hammer..more fun right? hheh

I'm pretty sure many have not seen this odd thing that looks like bull horns..am I right?

Anyway, I actually wanted to share with you one other thing that can be done with this odd "plant?"...

My grandmother used to make these into spinning toys for us..

Here's how it looks like:

I don't exactly know how to make this but I know how to play with it...hehehe

All I know is that you dig out part of the insides of the water caltrops to fit a stick in. The stick is actually from the giant incense.

Then, attach a string. (very informative right? hahha)

How to play?

Just hold the lower water caltrop and pull the string fast. The upper watter caltrop will spin really fast and the string will retract.(if you pull properly. I must say it requires some practice and 'skills' ehem.)

Okay okay I know my explanation is not really clear so here's a video of my ugly hand playing with it.. I tied the end of the string to a paper clip. Actually it's tied to a little stick to prevent the string going all the way in when retracting but the nearest to me was a paper clip at that time so I just used it..heehehe

Note: Becareful when the water caltrop is spinning as the pointy edges are VERY VERY sharp.

Why did I blog about this toy? Cos my grandmother tells us every year to learn how to make it so the skill/tradition doesn't die off..and I still have not tried making one...heheh I figured that it's fairly simple to make and if I really wanted to make one, I would be able to. My cousin knows how to make them so there's a representative from my generation right? hee hee lazy me.

Okay, that's all folks!
Ps:  Despite being told by certain people never to stop blogging, I havent blogged in a while. I wanted to blog about my  trip to Kuching for the Rainforest World Music Festival recently...but I can't bring myself to. Too many things have happened and are happening lately. Pening kepala. smh.

Have great day everyone! Loves.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh, why?

Why do we do the things we do? 
Why do we like the things we like?
Why do we say the things we say?
Do these questions even sound right?

Why do we wonder what we wonder?
Why don't we ponder when we should ponder?
Can't we step over when we're trapped under?
Too much pressure, starting to smother?

Maybe the answer is to wander?
Wander in thoughts, wander in wonder.
Maybe the answer is also to saunter?
Saunter in steps, forever in leisure. 

-thoughts of a sleepy mind-