Sunday, October 10, 2010


Wow, its been quite long since me last post...I don't know why but I suddenly feel like writing about my bodyguard. heeheehee

nonono...i don't have sooo much money or not that famous to need a bodyguard..

actually my bodyguard isn't even a person...its a woof woof!

yeap, u guessed it(did ya?)...its Handsome!!


well anyway, why do i call him my bodyguard?? cos he practically follows me around the house!!

For example, when i go to the toilet, he sits outside the toilet door no matter how long i take!
When I'm in my room, he sits outside the room door and wait till i come out. Sometimes, I accidentally kick him or step on his foot not realizing he was there.oops

When I take a shower, he'll sometimes wait outside the bathroom door for me!

And the most common thing he does is lying underneath my chair when I'm using the comp. =D

Oh and actually, what made me feel like writing this post was that a moment ago I was wondering where he was and thought that maybe someone had brought him back to his doggy cage for the night and all of a sudden I see him sleeping on the floor right next to me. sweetness.

He's actually snoring right now as I'm writing this. hahahhaa Slacking on the job.
 But afterwork hours already mah right? so not considered slacking lah. heeheehee


Here are some pics of him playing outside...=D

 swing swing

oh wait. this isn't Handsome.

What's the mak cik doing?

This bad habit of his: Wedging himself between the wall and the comp table among the electrical wires. Nanti kena "sot" how? tsk tsk

kk people!! good nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps: Please do not ask me why his name is Handsome. I was not involved in choosing his name. :)

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