Friday, February 11, 2011

The 9th Day of CNY

Its now 1am on the ninth day on CNY 2011. Bright colours are bursting in the sky and it sounds like a war field. Many are ushering in the auspicious 9th day of CNY as usual.Why? Seriously I don't quite know...something about sugar cane and pineapple fields if I'm not mistaken..wait, or is that story for mooncake festival? heheh

anyway, it used to be fun to watch the pretty (and illegal) fireworks on the eve of CNY and the eve of the 9th day...but its not quite fun anymore when you have a little doggie on your lap and you can feel his heart beating and he's breathing heavily because he's afraid of the "boom boom boom!!!"

On the eve of CNY, he was so scared till he ran and hid under a cupboard...he was so reluctant to come out when we called him...
he sat on my lap and buried his head in my arm until about 2am when there were completely no more fireworks.

when I gave him a chewy snack, he even had no mood to eat it...thats the first time he's refused a snack!!!

also, one time during the day, when a neighbour burnt one of those red firecrackers, he was shaking all over from head to toe!

poor thing! as i'm writing this now, he's sitting on my lap and he gets startled when someone starts another series of "bang!"s.

I was actually prepared for this day. that's why i gave him a shower yesterday cos i know he'll need to sit on somebody's lap tonight. heeheehee..

i feel sleepy now but i guess i can only go to sleep when the noise stops..cos i cant bear to leave him alone with all this noise and no i don't sleep with dogs..

hmmm..anyone got any doggie ear muffs they can lend me? =D

anyway, good nite and happy 9th day on CNY!

gong xi fa cai!

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