Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Exam Exam Green Eggs and Ham..

Todays mid term exam was Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ I could remember all I tried to remember what I should remember. Makes sense?

Unlike the exam yesterday which was like, "sh*t sh*t sh*t, someone give me a keyword!" *digging brain for words* *brain goes blank* *start daydreaming*

arrrghh..the thing was, I couldn't quite understand what I studied for yesterday's subject... and what I don't understand, I DONT REMEMBER!

oh well, its over and done with...time to waste all the time I have before cramming for the next exam at the final minutes.

aah..and one thing I've discovered about me, is that my answer script for exams will be really neat and tidy(reasonably neat and tidy) if I know the answers...and if the answers are purely guessed, my handwriting will just be terrible! Therefore, you should know if I'll do good for that particular exam by just looking at my handwriting.

Kesimpulanya, see good handwriting, no need to mark, just give me an A. *wink wink* hahahaha

okie dokie,
good nite pipol!

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