Friday, June 10, 2011

Hachiko - The Loyal Dog

Have you heard of Hachiko, the Akita who was so loyal to his owner even after the owner's death?

This is a true stroy. Hachiko, an Akita(a dog breed)  was adopted by a Japanese professor when he was just a little puupy. If I'm not mistaken, he was given the name Hachiko because he was the eighth puppy in the litter and Hachi means Eight in Japanese.

Every morning, Hachiko would send the professor off at the Shibuya train station and he would come back and wait for the professor's return in the evening. People who were frequently at that train station would recognise the professor and his dog who comes to greet him everyday.

One day, the professor died and didn't make it back to the train station. Hachiko waited and never gave up. He waited for the next 9 years (wow). He was given away to different families to be taken care of but he often escaped to wait at the station.  People who knew Hachiko would sometimes give him food and treats.

To know more of this amazing dog, go here:
Or you can just ask Mr Google.

Hollywood made this story into a movie but they changed some things here and there. Its a really touching movie it'll make you  ='(  !! The movie stars the super good looking Richard Gere. heehee
I watched the whole movie on youtube. :)

This is why I love doggies so so much. They give you so much unconditional love!! That's why it is so sad to hear of abandoned family dogs. Its sad to think that the abandoned dogs didn't even know that the family would do such a thing to them because they would never have done that to their families.

Hachiko wasn't abandoned though, he just didn't understand how or why his owner left him.

I hope Hachiko has been reunited with the Professor somewhere up above now....I hope he got his wish...

This is an Akita (not Hachiko)

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