Friday, December 16, 2011


Havent been blogging properly in a while so i've decided to do a post on what has been going on lately..

About a month ago, on the 20th Nov 2011, I was admitted into the hospital cos I was having signs of dengue. My lymph node on the back of my back was also VERY swollen...

Then it turns out I was tested negative for dengue, salmonella, typhoid, etc so the doctor diagnosed me with Kikuchi disease. It is a very rare disease but not dangerous. He said that 97% of doctors have never heard of this disease..He said, it's like I kena the Jackpot...haha

My hospital stay wasnt that bad cos I didnt feel really sick when I was put on drips...AND I could see real flamingos by the river from my room window..It was a double bedded room but I had the room to myself which was good...hehe

Anyway, I was discharged on the 3rd day and went for a follow up 1 week later. All in all, I had 8 needle holes in both my hands in less than 12 days.. :(

I took what i thought was my last blood test on the day of follow up but i was wrong. Today, I went to see doctor again because I had terrible sore throat for the last few days and got to know that my Antistreptolysin level form the last blood test was higher than the normal level.

The doc said to take another blood test today to see if it went up cucuk with needle again..

What I understood from his explanation today is that i kena another jackpot. He said that if my  Antistreptolysin level goes very high, it can affect the heart and kidneys..he said that the rise in the  Antistreptolysin level is an immune reaction to Streptococcal sorethroat. This sorethroat is very common but what is uncommon is that only 4% of people will have a rise in their Antistreptolysin level. I kena jackpot again. =_=

My test results come out tomorrow i think. I hope and pray that the level didnt rise, cos if it did, I would have to be on long term oral penicillin to prevent streptococcal sorethroat.

I believe all will be well.. :)

anyway, after the hospital visit today, I brought Vivian to a Christmas celebration with friends at was her first time on the train and EXCITED was she! heheh
She had lotso fun but didnt quite like waiting for the bus on the way back. We waited quite long for the bus and when it came, it was partly full...everyone was crowding to go into the bus and a very nice gentlemen blocked the crowd behind him to let me and Vivian up first..All thanks to him, we both got the LAST two seats in the bus...he had to stand and so I told Vivian that because of that kind man, we got to sit...

i asked her, why not she sit on my lap, and we give one seat to the man...what she replied was very sweet, she said yeah okay, cos he was the one who let us up the bus first..

so i told her to ask the man to sit and the man said "no,no, its okay" I insisted and then he sat and said thank you very much like I was doing him a favour. I thanked him in return for letting us in first and he said "no problem". I believe it was a right thing to do even though it was slightly uncomfortable for a 7 year old to be sitting on your lap but w/o his first gesture of politeness, we would both have had to stand all the way home instead..

you see? There ARE still many good ppl around..

anyway, its getting late, gotta teach tomorrow...


All Is Good!!!!

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