Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: PaperMate Pens

I got picked to review some Paper Mate pens I won in a lucky draw contest thingy so here's my honest review..

but first, let's take a look at all the pens I received! 

They came by courier mail in a bundle like this.
It kinda surprised me cos I didn't expect to receive so many pens...

Here they are all lined up!

They really came at a right time cos I was having my semester final exams...i used them to write my exam notes and to write during the exam.. 

You see, I have habit of just using any pen during an exam...and by "any" pen, I mean looking around the house for stray ownerless pens and kidnapping them to become my exam slave...muahaha! I guess i've never really put any importance in pen brand name..come to think of it, I've never actually bought a pen for God knows HOW long!!

wait... my pens do have brand names, but they're names of companies who don't make pens! beer company, construction company, shopping mall, even funeral home! heheheh I was an ignorant pen user..

Therefore, receiving this bunch of PaperMate pens and using them for my exam this time around was quite an eye opener.. I have entered into the world of good pens! lol..

Here is an example of a free pen I've been using quite awhile:
 Let's just call him Jenama X

So here's what I think about PaperMate pens after using them..

I personally prefer the non-clickety click pens aka the pens wearing a cap..these ones:


Cos when I write with the clicking pens(honestly I don't know what you call them), I find them a little shaky..especially the ones with a fine tip...therefore, I prefer writing with 0.7 and 1.0 tips. But of course, that is only MY preference..I'm sure many people love writing with the Extra Fine Tips.. This just means that PaperMate really caters to the wide needs of pen users.. =)

Nevertheless, they are ALL better to write with than the pens I previously use! Much smoother and I guess more reliable cos they don't suddenly "pretend" to run out of ink when they're actually full of ink and then you'll have to find a nearby piece of paper to be a victim of :

This crime.

I have now realised that writing with a good pen during exam makes your handwriting neater and paper looks clearer and my answers look more confident. I can imagine them screaming to the lecturer, "Hey! You see the neat handwriting with no mistakes?? This means the answers were written in confidence and they're all correct!" Maybe I'll get more A's this time? hehehhe

They're also not like those overly emotional pens who cry out blobs of ink when you make them work for too long..don't you just hate it when that happens? your hands get all dirty with ink!


My hand used to be so tired and my finger would feel sore and grow a blister like bump on the side when I used Jenama X pens..but when I used the PaperMate pens, I didn't experience any of it! 

Therefore, I shall conclude that Ignorance is not bliss. In this case, Ignorance is blisters!
I "InkJoy" writing with PaperMate pens and I'm sure everyone will too.

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milkyway said...

I hate crybabies too... that's why I always grab some recycled paper as my "test" paper before using any pen. If there are no "test" paper available, then my palm becomes the victim hahaha.