Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Diaper Cakes Promotion!

Hey everyone! Do you know what diaper cakes are? A diaper cake is not actually edible..it is actually many pieces of baby disposable diapers and other baby essentials put together to look like a cake!

What are they for?
Diaper cakes make wonderful gifts for newborn babies/full moon babies or baby showers! They'll most definitely be the center of attention on a gift table and the mummy of the baby will be VERY VERY happy as  all items on a diaper cake can be used for the baby! Especially the diapers inside!

A diaper cake I gave to a dear cousin of mine

Don't you notice that the baby gift hampers you see in departmental stores are only full of unnecessary packaging and card boards? Well NOT a DIAPER CAKE! A diaper cake is filled with useful items and are definitely unique!

By 'unique', we actually mean that no two diapers cakes are ever exactly the same! This means that no one will ever be giving the baby mummy the same gift as yours! Awesome right?? hehe

I have started this hobby/tiny business of mine a little over a year ago and only making/selling them to friends and family. I have decided to make my tiny business a little bigger since I have a little more time in my hands now.

Another diaper cake I've made

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Tata and have an awesome day!

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pps: Let me leave you with a question to ponder: Is anyone you know going to give birth soon? heeheehee


Merryn said...

So cute the diaper cakes!

Evie said...

Thank you Merryn! :)