Monday, August 23, 2010

Facial WTF!!

I went for a facial today with my aunt and WTF I paid money to be tortured.

The thing is I've never been to one before. Yes don't laugh..The thing is, I've never quite liked the idea of some stranger messing with my face but what the heck I had to give it a try.

Firstly we had to change into this curtain/lamp shade thingy...excuse me??...Could someone have at least given me a heads up?!?! I had no idea okay? I thought facial only mah, why must change??

Then there was this poster of a person staring down at me...and the music was so depressing!!!! It was a somebody-died-now-I'm-walking-in-the-forest-all-alone with birds chirping in the background kind of music.. =.=

At times, it felt like I was on the operation table with a white lamp specially pushed over beside me to examine my face.

and don't even get me started on the pain!!! I swear if I was the Health Minister I would SO ban that tool the lady was using...oh's more of a weapon than a tool!

and funny thing was, my aunt was sleeping...she was kinda was I the only one not enjoying myself?? really so relaxing meh? maybe she was tired. =o=

And may I ask what was that the lady was doing?? washing my face or trying to re-shape my facial bones?!?!  painful ok?

And there was this mask that made me almost cannot breathe...I didn't know if it was freezing of stinging my face...=(

I was told that if I go for more facials then it would not be so I'm not going back there until I've forgotten how today felt..



j_fish said...

i know the feeling. i used to go for facials. kills... especially when i had lots of zits. they had to squeeze them out one by one. >__________<

Evie said...

yeap, not a pleasant experience. ='(