Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sekolah Magis Hogwarts??

I was at the bookshop the other day and guess what I found??
BM translation of Harry Potter books! I didn't know they had those.Did you??

I managed to take some pictures and here are some of the translated Harry Potter books:
Harry Potter dengan Banduan Azkaban

Harry Potter dalam kumpulan Phoenix

Harry Potter dengan Azimat Maut

Harry Potter dalam Piala Api (dalam?)

hmmm...but according to the story, he didnt go INTO the Goblet of Fire right?

Now this next one I find quite funny...

Harry Potter dengan Putera Berdarah Kacukan  

I don't know why I find this title funny but I can't think of a better one for it anyway....the only one I can think of is a ridiculous direct translation - Putera Separuh Darah.  hahahaha

And then I was would certain things be translated??
For example...
Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans-------Gula-Gula Semua Perisa Bertie Bott??
Then a friend ( you know who you are =) ) had this idea of Perisa Tahi Telinga (earwax) suddenly earwax sounds much more tastier...hehehe
Will there be Perisa Muntah? Perisa Lumpur?? (vomit and mud) hahahaha

Well anyway, if anyone of you gets to read the BM version of the book, do let me know!!! 

So this got me thinking...if Harry Potter can be translated, so can many other books! and i think they would be easier to translate too!! 

So here are some suggestions to some good books to translate so those who prefer to read in Malay can enjoy them too!

Helpful me here has already done the title, so the rest will be your work Mr Translator!! =D

Oops, my should be Persahabatan Cincin.....I guess I got carried away with my kata ganda

Senja a.k.a Twilight

OK tak?? 


Ps:  Don't you think Harry Potter looks like a Chinese Nerd in the BM version??