Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Harry Potter and his Flowery Lorry

So after ten years of receiving the box set of the first four Harry Potter books as a present..I decided to start reading the fourth (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) just a couple of days back.

Yes, ten years and I only got to the fourth book. Forgive me Harry Potter fans!! I'm just not a big fan but i do enjoy reading the book!

I havent even finished half the book but I think I've been so into it while reading that its messing with my head!! I can understand why some people really LOVE Harry Potter and want to be a part of the wizardry world but I don't hope I become like you!

Why did I say its messing with my head?? Cos last night, I had a dream about it...and i can perfectly remember the details of the dream this morning...its weird cos I'm the type who can't remember most of my dreams.

After seeing the title of this blog post, I think you would wanna know what my dream was...hehehe

In the dream, I was a Hogwarts student..and Hogwarts looked too much like my college. ==
Anyway, in the dream, there was this giant snake thingy trying to harm us...

Dumbledore and I were walking up a flight of stairs when a square piece of the wall suddenly fell out and a lady Professor told us to gather all the juniors in the classroom upstairs into the room that she was in...Dumbledore left the task to me and told the professor to seal the wall when all the students were in there so the snake wouldn't find us...

So off I went to get the kiddies to gather in that room but some really stubborn ones didnt wanna budge. I still dunno why but I wasn't allowed to tell them what we were running away from.

After a hard time getting everyone in the room, (I was a Gryffindor and Ron, Hermione and Harry were my friends) the professor who was supposed to seal the wall was nowhere to be found!! I was holding a wand but I didn't know the spell to do so..the first thing that came to my mind was "expelliarmus" (is that from the book?) I wasn't sure whether it would work so I didn't try..(it would've probably exploded the place)

Suddenly, Harry Potter came running into the room all out of breath followed by Snape..Harry looked so scared so it made me unsure of whether Snape came to help us or to harm us
(cos u know even if he's one of the Professors he's got that scary look)..

But actually, it was neither. He was actually there to show off his body to us. Yes, show off his body. hahahaha. nice twist eh?

After Snape showing off his buff chest to us and all of his babbling on how his father treated him really well in his childhood bla bla bla...Harry finally told me why he was running..

He said that when Dumbledore announced for everyone to go hide in the classroom, he was worried of his car..and yea u guessed it right, his "car" was a lorry with flower print.
( see? my subconcious tells me Harry Potter is gay)

When he wanted to see if his "car" was hurt, he saw Snape running it down with a bulldozer! He got scared so he ran....

The End

Hehehe...silly dream I know.

But hey, why couldn't I have had an INCEPTION kind of dream after I watched the movie?? I was kinda hoping for one where I could build flying staircases and overlapping buildings or dream within a dream!! hmmph!

Okie, tatata! =)



Ai Bee said...

hahaha... nice one ! Thinking of writing another version of harry flowery potter book..? hehe.. XP

Evie said...

hahah no was just a dream..don't wanna risk getting sued! =D