Friday, September 3, 2010

eew! eew! eeeeewww!!!!

I saw the most disgusting thing ever!!!
There was this boy in school uniform(he's not a small kid!!) in the train and he was digging his nose and digging his nose is not the problem here cos people do it in public and all but the disgusting thing was that he was EATING his nose shit!!(is that what you call it?) yea EATING.. oh wait...let me be clearer on this...he was actually LICKING and SUCKING it off his fingers!!!!!!

it was like, dig dig nose, suck suck finger,  dig dig nose, suck suck finger,  dig dig nose, suck suck finger, x100!!!

he wasn't even trying to do it discretely! I don't think he cared if anyone was looking at him cause he did it like it was the normal-est thing to do in the train!!! blegghkkk!!! if he was my son and he did this, I would so smack him on the head...the most disgusting part was when I saw him chewing on something tiny...yea I know...eew.

this reminds me of a disgusting-er thing i saw once...(keep on reading if you don't mind having gross thoughts polluting your mind) heehee

There was this one time where I saw a cobbler digging(yes, also digging) his teeth with his kinda screwdriver/ice-pick tool! ohhhh...wait till u hear what's next...he collected all the ****(i don't now what its called but I think u get me), rolled it with his finger tips and SNIFFED it!! yea, like sniffing pot or something..

He didn't just sniff it to know what it smelled like, he sniffed it cos he liked the smell!!!!! how do I know? cos after he smelled it for sometime, then he'll dig and smell again! bluueeeeghhkkkk!!!!

Sorry if this post made you lose your appetite. I already lost mine by just writing this down.. =S



FQ said...

a very 'disgusting' post.... Hahaah.. I hope u won't meet such people again!

Evie Yang said...

lol i hope so too! :)