Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Monday..

This is how my Monday went in monotone....

Everyone went out today, so it was only me and Vivian(my 6 year old niece) at home..

After her non-stop singing, we both fell asleep at around 2.30pm. At around 3pm I woke up because I had music class at 4pm. When I woke up, she was still sleeping so I went to take in the laundry which was already wet by the first round of rain. After I took in the clothes, it rained super heavily so I went to switch off the comp and tv and switched on all the lights in the house cos it got really dark. While doing that, I came across a ginseng lying who would leave their ginseng lying around?? hmm...

Lost Ginseng

I needed to take a shower so I wrote a little note for Vivian and stuck it on the wall in case she wakes up from the loud thunder, and go screaming and crying around the house because I'm nowhere to be found...Actually, I don't even know if she knows how to read it.

Before I went to the bathroom, my aunt calls me on the phone and said that my grandma asked me to make sure her room window is closed..I went to check and called her back because her room door was locked..Grandma then said, "go outside and use a stick to close my window" =.=

I then went to the side alley of the house to close her window in the rain(I didnt use a stick).

I then took a quick shower, went back to my room to find Vivian still sleeping and took the now useless note off the wall.

Got ready to go for class and waited for family to come back..finally my aunt came back at 4 and I reached class at 4.05. Is that even possible? I must've looked at the time wrongly.

Heavy Heavy Rain

Its Raining its Pouring..

The End.


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