Saturday, September 11, 2010

Movie: Aftershock and Pikachu?

I watched a movie called Aftershock today with my mom cause there were free tickets...the movie turned out better than I had expected coz judging from the ad boards of the movie, I wouldn't have paid to watch it..

You know why? 
When I look at this, 

I think:  low cost production-end of the world-people screaming and running everywhere while this little girl haunts the place-totally expected ending kind of movie.

But the things is, this movie's not that bad. It was a little over two hours and it was actually a really sad and touching story. 

I don't wanna add some spoilers here if you haven't watched it or plan to watch it but in general, it was all the psychological and emotional torture that the characters face that tug at your heartstrings. ='(

 I THINK it was based on a true earthquake that happened in 1976(sorry, too lazy to check) but obviously the story not true la just like Titanic. And, if I'm not mistaken, it was based on a novel(sorry again, I'm too lazy to check.)

If you like sad stories and like to bawl your eyes out at movies, then this one's for you. For the first time, I actually heard men sniffling during a movie!! yes, MEN! (lelaki). hahaha  and also a lady blowing her nose cos she was crying....

And I didn't even find the couple talking behind me irritating cos they were talking about stuff related to the movie and it was as if everyone shared the sorrow of the characters..

One problem though... in one scene which was supposed to be back in year 1976, there was a PIKACHU on a kid's bed. Pikachu? 1976??

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I really don't think Pokemon existed back then...hmmm


okie..that's all! 


Ps: Note to self, do not judge a movie by lol
Pps: China Mandarin is the language of this movie but it's ok, I watched the whole movie with the help of subtitles..


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