Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So I was cleaning my grandfather's old desk the other day(I believe that the desk is older than me). As I was clearing the stuff in the drawers, I discovered some really old ancient stuff. They mostly belonged to my late grandfather and I found those things quite interesting!

Some stuff were so old that I think I could sell them to the museum! 

For example,

This old dictionary

Another dictionary

AND another dictionary (or whatever this is)

Dictionary? (hmm..I'm beginning to think that my grandpa loved dictionaries)

An old magnetic Chinese chess set.

Is this the right side up?? hmm

A VERY old letter from China

An unique lock with Tun Abdul Razak.
I find this lock kinda cool. (top picture the lock is opened and bottom is locked)

Really old and dried up shoe polish. (for grey shoes?)

Drebar kereta2 pengangkut barang2. License?
(some of you old enough to know, care to tell me? heehee)

Malayan Driving License. Malayan! When Malaysia was still Malaya! =D

I also found some stuff that brought me down memory lane.....

 Electronic typewriter ink!!
(I remember using the electronic typewriter for some of my school work cos I didn't have a computer back I that old?)

wait...I think this is mine. For the ancient playstation.
(brings me back to Crash Bandicoot days.) =)


And...I saved what I feel is the best item for last,

Grandpa's letter of recommendation letter written on 21st January 1961!

There were actually many more old things but its such a hassle to take pictures with dusty hands so here's just some of them. =)

okie dokies.
tata! =D


Alessandro said...

Barang-barang seperti ini membawa makna yang mendalam..simpan dan dijadikan koleksi antik..supaya generasi keluarga anda yang selanjutnya dapat melihatnya..terutama surat tu..^___^

Evie Yang said...

i will, thanks!! :)