Saturday, October 16, 2010

London College of Music - Piano Leisure Play Examination

Hey peepsos!! I'll be taking my LCM exam soon so the other day there was a trial exam. GOSH i was sooo sooo nervous I almost had a nervous breakdown. =S

Videos of all the students who took the trial exam were put up on YouTube. Yay! I get to see what I did cos usually after an exam, I would always try to think and think back on how I played.

Well anyway, it went quite well with some mistakes here and there..teehee
My mum said she could hear me make some obvious mistakes. But I think maybe some mistakes were more obvious to her cos she listens to me play the same 4 songs everyday!! hahahhaah

Ok if you're wondering if I was gonna embed the video  I ain't gonna tell u the link either.
hahahahah Don't want la cos you can hear me talking in the video. Malulah.

However, I will post some still images here of each song I play.

Don't get angry ah, cos....they all look the same!!! hahahahhaaaa

Remember ya, they're pictures not videos so don't go click click clicking on them trying to make them move. =D

Blurified face.

Ballade Pour Adeline by Richard Clayderman

The Shadow of Your Smile

If You're Not The One - Daniel Padangfield Beddingfield. 

Sokoniwa - Agnes Chan

My results for the trial exam?? Distinction!! Woopeee! Happynya. =DDD

Wokie Dwokieess....feeling sleepy now. =O *yawn.

Nitey nites people!!!


oh, ps: Anyone can take up this exam. Yes, anyone!! The only requirement is your interest in music! U can BUANG away the thinking that only people who learned piano since young only can get qualification. U can do it too!!! You just need to be interested and that will drive you to achieve! Go to for more details!

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