Tuesday, April 6, 2010

why Why WHY?!?!

Yesterday was the first day of a new semester in college after an almost month long break. It was the longest break for us cos usually we only have a 2 week break.
The thing was, i thought that class was supposed to start next week so i thought i had 7 more days of free time.. :( well...u know what they say...

Anyway, i did go to college...AND i wasnt late!! hahahahahahaha(new semester resolution) ;D
Lets see....the first day of class after a month was YAWN boring YAWN. The first class was supposed to start at 11am and the lecturer's name was so called 'econs'. Yah! "econs"?!?! i wont believe this until the lecturer him/herself tells us that thats really his or her name. Anyway, it was SUPPOSED to be at 11am but it got postponed to somewhere in the future dunno when.

so we lepak-ed till 1.30 and the second class was...YAWN YAWN YAWN. (i think i had post holiday syndrom). haahahhha

well anyway, i wasnt concentrating as usual and what u expect???first day mah..i'm a bit different, other ppl bersemangat to study, i'm yawning all day long. hahahah
Mr. Lecturer decided to ask us questions at the end of the class.. How wonderful! not.
he let us read a few minutes and started to ask us questions. (i was like, feck it la i wont rmb a crap)
I was quite confident that i wudnt get picked but i was wrong. :(

You see, my friend was having difficulty answering a question she was called for...a kind hearted person behind me whispered the answer to me and so i was whispering it to her and the lecturer said, "Ah...Evie!" crapness. But nermermine la i just said that answer and saved the world. hahhaah . so over. or is it so clever? for being caught. hahahah
well anyway, today was also boring. biasalah studies right....not drama class or something. hahaha.
but hey...i yawned less! thats what i call an improvement!

so anyway during the first class, when i got my notes, i was like...."Oh mummy pls help me!!" STATISTICS?!?!?!? WHYYYYYYYY????? :'( i hate numbers/graphs and stuff like that. i naturally suck at it and what more after one month of minimal brain juice usage?????

Today's lesson was boring though..(it always is isnt it? lol) I as usual could not concentrate and was sms-ing my brother. I did not gain nothing tho cos now i have developed the skill of typing on a phone keypad with two fingers from one hand while pretending to look at the notes and listen to the lecturer PLUS my phone had no light.(need to get it fixed b4 my neck gets stuck at a weird angle while trying to see the screen.)

My brother was gonna take his driving undang test so my first message was actually to wish him good luck. I ended up sms-ing him from when he just left the driving school till until he reached the exam centre... :D

In the second class, the lecturer had no notes to give us at the moment so i couldnt look down and pretend to look at my notes. :( i had to use my natural born talent of gazing into space. hahhaa. i was so un-concentrated (or dis-concentrated?? LOL) today dat for the first class, my friend had to flip the page for me. hahahah other ppl's pages all colourful except mine. :) WHAT??? sometimes hor, evrybody like to simply highlight everything and end up highlighting the whole page. =='

class ended at around 12+, lepaked around and reached home at around 3+ and took a long awaited and dued for AFTERNOON NAP that ended up to be evening nap instead. heheheh. gembiranya.
hmmmph....tomorow will be another wake up b4 the sun comes out day. :(
yawning for tomoro already...:O

but on the bright side...i'll being going to SUNGAI WANG after class tomoro!!! wonder what we gonna have for lunch? :d oh food..how i love you... :) heeheehee.

oh and,
PS: Darling brother of mine passed his test!!! he got the same marks as me for when i took it. =D Panailor!!!

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