Thursday, April 15, 2010

1 Malaysia Accident...

Two days ago on tuesday morning, I thought I was gonna be good and left the home a tad earlier to avoid being late for class.

When I almost reached the bus stop, a bus passed right in front of kira I missed the bus..
Then i thought, ok...nvm...i'll wait for the next bus..but whaddya know??? The bus didnt wanna stop for me coz it was too full!! So much for being early..=.=

So I guess it was memang ditakdirkan that i saw a 1 Malaysia accident a few minutes later. hahahaha
It wasnt a bad accident lar (i mean nobody got hurt), I'm not so insensitive to go hahaha at an accident ok??
I was sitting at the bus stop and then suddenly i heard a BANG! and when I looked over, I saw a lorry run over something and I heard a CRAK CRAK CRAK...:S My first thought was...shit pls dont let that be a motorcyclist he just ran over...

But luckily, it wasnt. The lorry kinda hit a red saga head on coz the saga probably made a sudden turn...a lady told me that the lorry hit and dragged the saga backwards a little. And all this happened in front of a primary school near the zebra crossing at a time when everyone was going to school. Lucky lucky lukcy no one was hurt..

The funny thing was, there was a small kancil right behind the lorry and a waja behind the kancil...the kancil didnt even have one scratch but the waja's front lights were smashed...I still wonder how that happened to the

The reason I said this was a 1 Malaysia accident was because the lorry driver was Indian, the Saga a Chinese and the Waja a Malay...when everyone started to get down to check their cars, In my heart I was like...pls pls pleeeease don't fight!!!
wooh, lucky they didnt fight...yea, kemalangan but i keep saying 'lucky'. LOL

The police reached quite fast in fact cos the road was all jammed up cos the lorry was literally sticking to the red saga now... I was like..great.Now I'll be really late..
Oh welll..I'm not one who stresses over a small thing like that anyway...

Oh and when I was sitting at the bus stop, dues to the jam, a lady driving a car accidentally bumped the car in front of her( you know, one of those bumps which wouldnt even cause a scratch?) yea, and this guy wearing a songkok got down of his car and looked at his precious OLD car and started cursing under his would think a man that looked like him with songkok and all would be a very sabar person but obviously no(oh and his wife and kids were in the car too). It wasnt like the lady didn't apologize or fact, even her husband on the passenger side was also apologizing... if I'm not mistaken, the songkok guy muttered 'babi' before getting into his car...

Before he got into his car I was like...dont tell me the big accident over there didn't cause a fight but this one here is gonna cause one. LOL.

Sometimes, I just don't understand why people get so worked up and angry over a small accident. Accident mah, nobody wanted it to happen, so no point getting angry hor??

I'm blabering too much already...hee hee hee.

Anyway, I would just like to thank all those who were involved in that lorry-car accident for dealing with the matter like all civilized people should....


Till next time!!

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