Monday, April 19, 2010

Cute Grannies

I was in the bus today on the way home and two old ladies sat behind me. One was Chinese and the other Indian.

As I felt, they're Hi-Bye friends that met on the bus cos they live near each other.

They both work as house cleaners. Their convo went something like that:

CG = Chinese Granny
IG = Indian Granny

IG : Sikarang you masi ada cuci rumah ka??

CG : Ada! U?

IG : Ada tapi saya sikarang cuci dua hari, tiga hari tada keja. I duduk dalam rumah
tada apa mau buat oh. Sikarang u cuci mana rumah?

CG : I cuci semua orang Jepun orang Putih mia. Dia orang lebih baik o. Tada fussy
sangat. Saya tak suka cuci orang Cina mia rumah. Kalau ada orang cari orang
cuci you mau keja kah?

IG : Mau! Apa orang pun boleh tapi saya tak mau orng India! Teruk o. You cuci orang
Jepun mia rumah you cakap orang putih ar?

CG : Ya, orang putih mia rumah pun I cakap orang putih.

IG : Wah u tau cakap a?

CG : Tau! Sikit sikit la.

IG : Very good!

Hahaha.. the reason I found this conversation cute was that the Chinese lady doesn't like working for Chinese employers and the Indian lady doesn't like working for Indian employers. HAHAHAH

The way they talked and their voices were cute tooo...:D

Their conversation didn't end there though...i lost interest after awhile..
boy these two can really talk! They talked till the cows came home and the mosquitoes went to sleep.. hahaha that's over exaggerating.

Actually with the right company i can talk on and on and on and on too...:D

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