Saturday, April 24, 2010

Autumn's Concerto! aka Next Stop, Happiness(下一站,幸福)


But before i go any further...Autumn's Concerto is a Taiwanese drama by Vaness Wu and Ady An. So actually, the reason I so wanted to watch this drama was cos I heard the O-So-Wonderpul punya OST by singer Ding Dang on the TV(song name:I love him我爱他). Their showing it on Tv now but I dunno which channel.:)

The reason why I'm so happy is cos the site I found is actually a fan sub website. It means that they help put English subtitles to each episode..wooooo...gembiranya...
If you don't already know...I'm a 'banana' atau juga dikenali sebagai OCBC(Orang Cina Bukan Cina). Which means that my Chinese is very limited(its getting better though). This means that when I watch a Chinese drama, I only understand what is said half the time..and lebih teruk when the Taiwanese dramas start to speak in Hokkien in some scenes. When this happens..question marks hover above my head and my eyes search frantically at the Chinese subtitles below for the very limited Chinese characters I can read.

But fear no more!!! hahaha..I found this wonderful site!!! its called

This is a screenshot of the website..

I actually found this site from youtube cos they put their subbed videos there too..So I'll watch it on YOUTUBE! (I just wanted to feature their website in this blog cos I feel so thankful to them)(heart) =D

I'm not actually a drama addict though...cos I've only ever finished watching very few dramas in my life...(I have what I call, selective temporary drama addiction)...So these are the very few lucky ones I've watched (including one Anime):

It started with a kiss

Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile(the only Anime I've actually finished watching)

And now halfway watching:

Fated to Love You

You know, watching this drama is taking up alot of my time needed to practice piano, to do assignments, AND sleeping time..I'm currently retiring from this drama for a few days..yea seriously I have to force myself...LOL But I will DEFINITELY finish watching it.

Right now, I have to get to work with my assignments...
oh and ya! I think I'm gonna try to learn how to play the OST for Autumn's Concerto on piano!

Will let you guys know when I really do and have a video of it!

After I watch Autumn's Concerto, I'll def review it here!!


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