Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fried Rice, French Fries and Orange Juice???

One day, Charles went to Ah Beng's food stall. This was how their conversation went.

Ah Beng: You want to eat fry lice?

Charles: Oh no no no. Its not 'fry lice'. Lice is kutu. Its rrrrrrrrrrrrr-ice, rice. Not lice.

Ah Beng: Ohhh.ok ok. rrrrrrrrrrrrice. Collect ar?

Charles: Yes yes its rice. Remember ya! Rice, not lice! Oh and it's 'correct', not 'collect'.

Ah Beng: Ohohoho. Corrrrect. Correct ar? Hahahahaa. Solly solly my Engrish no good.

Charles: Yes yes correct. But its not 'solly'. Its 'sorry'. And its English not 'Engrish'. Hehehe.

Ah Beng: Aiyor. Engrish so dipiculd la. Nemermine la. You understand me then enough lor. Haih. Oh ya, jes now I ask you want to eat frrrrrrried rrrrrrrrrrrrice or not. Corrrrrrrrect or not now??? Hee hee hee.

Charles: Hahaha. Yes, yes. I'll have a plate of fried rice, a plate of French fries and a glass of orange juice.

Ah Beng: Ok boss!!

10 minutes later.

Ah Beng: Here boss! Your fly lice, friend flies and orling juud!

...............*Ah Beng realizes his mistakes.

Ah Beng: oops! Haih. Engrish really belly hard la. *shakes head in disappointment

Ps. This blog post was not made to laugh at anyone's Engrish English.

Ten Q 4 reading!!

Tatata! =D

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