Friday, June 4, 2010

Cool cool cool!!!

You know what?? I won another contest!!! Woooot!!

hehehe. I've been winning many contests lately!! I'm on a winning streak!!! hee hee hee

I should go find a contest that can win me a car. :)

This lady called me today and told me I won the contest for the movie Letters to Juliet.

It's the grand prize but it isn't very grand. Its just a bag but...who's complaining?!?! LoL

I would like to think that it was my slogan that played the bigger role in winning rather than luck. :D

You see, in this contest you have to answer two simple questions and write a slogan. The slogan had to be a letter about love that you would write to Juliet and in less than 50 words.

This is how my prize should look like (I haven't gone to collect it yet):
Yea, not very GRAND for a Grand Prize huh.

So here's the letter I submitted......

Dear Juliet,

I have been in search for that special someone since forever. I have tossed coins into wishing wells and wished upon shooting stars but he never seems to cross my path. Oh Juliet, tell me, is true love just never meant to be for me?

I made that letter up but really hope I won't ever need to resort to 'tossing coins into wishing wells' and 'wishing upon shooting stars'. teehee

That's all for now!


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