Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Wall...

Help me.
Help me break this wall.
This wall built with fear. Built with uncertainty. Built with insecurity.
Help me be all that I should be and wash away all that I should not.
Help me feel all that I should feel and say all that I should say.
Help me bring out the best in me.

At a time like this, anyone could Use Somebody.
Don't take too long.

Life. Full off crossroads, full of decisions to be made.
That one call that should have been made. That one minute more that you should have waited. That one upward curve of the lips you should have seen.

Life. Such precise timing. Perfect timing for the good things. It never forgets the bad things.
That one mistake that should have been made that could've fixed things.
That one wrong turning into a path you thought was the wrong way when in fact at the end of the road, you find that you escaped something you didn't want on the other.

The many questions you asked. The many different answers you thought might be right. The many people you've seen. The many people that came and went. The people that made the best things happen.

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