Monday, June 21, 2010

Sing a song of sixpence..

So I was wondering..... you know how our parents maksudnya the older generation don't get tired of the songs they've been listening to since they were...they were...erm.....since FOREVER???? Not your parents?? well, i'm speaking for the young society at large. ;D

You know, like they never get tired of old music? Like those who refuse to listen to newer music?? Those who stick to evergreen? I wonder...what makes a song evergreen? Can One Republic's Apologize be evergreen??(fyi, many people like that song if you were living in Mars recently)

Its funny cos I'm already kinda sick of listening to some oldies play on the radio and I'm VERY sure that I've listened to it FEWER times compared to dear beloved parent.

Are you and me on the same boat? :D yes? no? maybe?

The thing is...I was wondering...
When my generation grows old and we have children of our own...will our children be saying this about us too?? LOL
Will they say...."Haih, these old people....can't let go of their past. Come on la...I'm so sick of this Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas!!"

And as my imagination wanders even further...I think they might say this too.."You know what???Last time when my parents were young, they had these things called EARPHONES!! Seriously! I've seen pictures of these earphone thingys on the internet and they look sooo funnyy!!! Can u imagine they used to stuff those things in their ears just to listen to music?? We're so lucky we have these state of the art implanted sensors in our brain and we just have to connect them wireless.." =='


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